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"I highly recommend 
TM Personal Training to Local Mums. I reached out to Tola during the pandemic as I wanted to ensure I kept fit and active during lockdown but also wanted to ensure my mental health was in check. We trained three times a week in a local park which made training much more enjoyable. Each session was varied yet challenging, I always left feeling like I had a good workout! To add to the fitness, Tola is incredibly personable, flexible with dates and times and also has a great listening ear. I enjoyed our sessions very much and wish Tola all the very best with his future clients.”
Komal Nanda, Local Mum

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"I recommend
TM Personal Training to Local Mums. My goal started out to lose weight and see visible results however in this short amount of time I realised I got the most pleasure out of the gains I didn’t see: feeling much stronger and healthier. Tola’s workout plans were catered toward the areas I said I wanted to improve and he tried to make sure I didn’t have to run too much since I told him I simply hate running. Every time I felt an exercise was surprisingly easy compared to the last time and he had to amend the weight. I was shocked at how quickly my muscles were adapting and getting stronger and I’m so grateful I had his help. In all my time going to the gym solo I had never seen this much improvement.”
Nathalie, Local Mum

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"I highly recommend
TM Personal Training. I thought about loosing weight for years, signed up to the gym for couple of months but never actually made any progress because I would always find the perfect excuse not to go. Then I started training with Tola once per week and on my own twice per week with his program. He gave me great motivation, confidence around the gym and tips on how to improve my habits. In only four weeks I dropped 2.5kg and I could see improvements and was a step closer to in my weight loss goal.”
Carlotta, Local Mum

"I recommend TM Personal Training. I really enjoyed our sessions and he was very flexible in his approach without letting me cheat! He started to push me as he knew I was able for more and he mixed up our sessions with different kit and circuits every week which kept it interesting. Over the few months I could feel my fitness levels increase and strength. But the most surprising thing I got was a big uptick in my mental health. I could tell it was doing me good and was very pleased with myself after doing each session which is a massive mood booster. I still have his number for future reference and would definitely recommend. Enjoy your workout with Tola."
Judith (43 yr old Local Mum who hasnt always been a gym bunny)

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TM Personal Training
I launched TM Personal Training in 2016 with the sole objective of helping people feel great about themselves again. 

I love fitness because you get to see the direct result of your hard work. It won’t be easy but you’ll have all the tools needed to make sure those clothes you thought you couldn’t fit again finally make an appearance sooner rather than later.

 I help mums feel strong, look good and have the energy to keep up with their kids all whilst eating some of the foods they enjoy. Being a parent is rewarding but it’s also tough and naturally you put yourselves last as the kids come first. Because of that fitness can take a backseat and months later you’re looking at an old pic reminiscing about the time you were two dress sizes smaller...but that stops today. As long as you have a desire to improve and you’ve got some jokes then I think we’ll get on well. 

Stop procrastinating and decide today is the day you’re going to achieve that weight loss goal you’ve been putting off for years! Jump on a call with me and let’s chat about your fitness goals and get a FREE taster booked in our fresh studio in Clapham Junction (where there will be no worries of a packed gym and people hogging equipment).

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TM Personal Training is offering Local Mums a FREE taster session.

Tola Majiyagbe
Personal Trainer
TM Personal Training

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