Local Mums recommend the best free apps for our area


"I highly recommend YoungPlanet to Local Mums. If, like me, you’ve been trying to declutter in between home schooling, doing Joe Wicks in a bid to keep the kids active, and making umpteen snacks and meals a day, and now have loads of stuff piled up to give away, the YoungPlanet app is up and running again with new postage and delivery options. There’s loads of safe-sharing tips in their FAQ’s so you know it’s safe to put items on the app to give away. Just follow the simple steps they suggest and you can list items, saving things from landfill and doing your bit to save the planet by passing on used kids items for free.”
Lisa Chadwick, Local Mum

“I recommend YoungPlanet to Local Mums. If you're like me you don't like to see good things go to waste. Most of us only use our children's item for a few months as they grow out of them so quickly. This is a great way to pass them on to a good home that needs them."
Laura Morkan, Local Mum

"I highly recommend YoungPlanet to Local Mums. It’s great for recycling quality used children's items and a great way to meet new families."
Denice Tulloch-Johnson, Local Mum

“I recommend YoungPlanet to Local Mums. This is an amazing way to pass on items to others so they can make use of them. Reuse and recycle equals less to landfill, all to protect our planet.”
Abbey Treu, Local Mum 


The YoungPlanet app helps you find children's things for free and pass on things that you don't need anymore. The app connects you with people in your local area who want the same.

One child’s outgrown stroller, or toy dinosaur, or Lego McQueen can be the start of another’s new adventure – for free, and with a positive impact.


How it started
Founded by parents to address the inherent waste, product obsolescence and cost of raising children as well as to help declutter modern homes and keep things out of landfill, YoungPlanet is a platform and app designed to ‘turn the stuff you don’t need into the things that others enjoy’. 

Downloading it and participating makes users feel good about being part of a new community with a contemporary outlook on ‘wastefulness’.


How it works
It is a cashless platform, based on ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ via the app.

YoungPlanet combines transactional functionality with sharing economy principles. Users list unwanted items on the app, or look for items they may need. In the latter case they make contact with the ‘giver’ and exchange messages to arrange the exchange either in person, at a drop off location, or via the post or courier.

There is no catch - it's completely free - free to download and free to use, so sign up now and help us have a positive impact on our planet.


Jason Ash 
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