Yours Locally

Local Mums Online is very proud to be working with Yours Locally, a fantastic local service that enables local families to receive fresh, local products delivered to their door.


We are delighted to be forming a partnership with Yours Locally a local company that solves a very modern dilemma - how to give your family fresh, locally-sourced food when you don't have time to visit all the local food producers or shops.

Run by Local Mum Cherie, Yours Locally does all the hard work for you, sourcing local producers, packing it all up for you and bringing it to your door (or a convenient drop off point near you where you can pick it up when it suits you). 

Easier and healthier
We think Yours Locally's service is inspired and we are very happy to support anyone who helps make mums' lives easier and children's diets healthier.

All the products on Yours Locally's website are sourced within 40 miles of Lower Kingswood in Surrey, which means you can be sure everything is fresh, safe and traceable. Unlike supermarket products, there are no hidden surprises in any of their products (horsemeat anyone?)

Cherie now has over 1000 products on her website, so Yours Locally is so much more than a veg box company. You can do all your grocery shopping with them - and buy a few treats like wonderful locally made skincare products too. The list is literally endless.

Local Mums' Discount
Local Mums receive a 5% discount with Yours Locally (which increases to 10% with a loyalty scheme) as well as regular special offers which we will keep you up-to-date with via our website, Facebook pages and Twitter. Just enter the following code in the box on the top left of the shopping basket to receive your 5% discount; LMO05.

So that Yours Locally are able to provide the LMO discount, please ensure you type the words 'Local Mums Online' in the company field when you add your details to the customer registration form.

Coming soon; Further to feedback on the Local Mums FB pages, Yours Locally will be arranging for ‘drop off’ points in Carshalton at key locations and should you choose this option for your orders, all delivery fees will be waived too.

Local Produce 4 Schools
As mums we are naturally interested in the food being given to our children at school. Ever since the Government announced that it could not deny that horsemeat might be being served up in school dinners, it's been a growing concern. With the average cost being nearly £2.50 a meal, it's a financial concern too. We should at least know whether our kids are eating healthy food or not.

Yours Locally takes away that worry by working with a local food catering company that can provide your school with healthy, local, fresh food and guarantees its traceability. If you would like Yours Locally to visit your school to see if it can provide your school with healthy, locally sourced meals and snacks, just contact us at and we will talk to Cherie at Yours Locally about approaching the school for you.

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