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"I highly recommend Beyond Balance to Local Mums. I’m feeling really great and and am not tired!? This is unheard of for me as I’ve always struggled with tiredness due to my thyroid. I have also changed to 125mcg of Levothyroxine as per your advice and my weight is going DOWN. I know this is due to working on my gut health, better nutrition, more activity and having more energy. I’m amazed that I haven’t had to cut our carbs or eat gross food. I’m really grateful.” Tayne, Local Mum

"I recommend Beyond Balance to Local Mums. I’m delighted to say that all the health conditions that I wanted to improve are better or clearing up. The psoriasis has made a massive improvement and has gone in the new areas it had started to spread over. My stools and gut health are so much better. I’m even sleeping better. I’m really astounded how quickly and easily the plan has made an impact! “
Catherine, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Beyond Balance to Local Mums. My stomach is so much better, I haven’t had any upset stomachs or constipation. I’m going at least once a day which is major progress! I feel really well actually, my energy levels are good and I have been off of my antidepressants for about 4 months now and I haven’t given them a thought
Rebecca, Local Mum

"I recommend Beyond Balance to Local Mums. It took something like a candida infection picked up on my gut health test to help me kick a habit that was becoming a health issue. I know that the infection itself was also driving the need, along with my lack of energy and low resilience. Resisting the constant temptation because I knew there was a specific reason to do so was very motivating. I continue to make better choices."
Rachel, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Beyond Balance to Local Mums. I was feeling totally out of control of my moods especially around my period. The GP analysis said I was fine all round but Georgia explained that doctors use one set of criteria to decide if you're fine (/ don’t have a disease, nothing more), while she uses another that determines if we're operating at optimal health.”
Caroline, Local Mum

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Beyond Balance

What you need to know about your Thyroid
Did you know that approximately 90% of people who have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) actually have Hashimoto’s? It’s likely that many people in fact have Hashimoto’s but don’t actually know because it is not commonly tested for on standard thyroid panels.

Hashimoto’s is not a congenital problem with the thyroid gland itself but rather damage to the thyroid gland via the immune system which can lead to hypothyroidism.

But did you know if Hashimoto’s is caught in time, it’s possible to halt the attack on the thyroid and prevent hypothyroidism and all the unpleasant symptoms that come with it?

Thyroid Therapy, Six Week Course
During this 6-week course we work through 6 modules to optimise thyroid health and reverse hypothyroid/Hashimoto's symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, cold intolerance, weight loss resistance and more.

The course starts on Tuesday 28th June with the first live Zoom video covering Module 1. (It will also be possible to watch the video recording which will be sent to you if you can’t make the Tuesday for the live video). Sign up via our website here.

The modules covered are:


Module 2: GUT HEALTH





There are also options to have lab testing done in some of the modules if further digging is needed to find the root cause of the thyroid disorder.

The modules also cover what to eat including recipes for meals and snacks, supplements to take, ways to manage stress and huge insight into why your thyroid malfunctions and what we need to do to stop this from happening going forwards.

I hope you will enjoy the process of optimising your thyroid and overall health and every small win you have along the journey!


Local Mums Discount
The course is worth £1,280 but there is a special offer price of £480 until 27th June for Local Mums members.

Georgia Lennard
Beyond Balance
Tel: 079 6157 1500


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