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"I highly recommend Jacktice and Friends to Local Mums In just a few sessions Jacktice lifted my daughter’s confidence and performance so that she achieved a distinction in her exam. A few weeks before, that seemed impossible.”
Kate, Local Mum

“I recommend Jacktice and Friends to Local Mums. Jack has been helping my son with his music practice for nearly a year and he loves every session. He always comes out of it buzzing with excitement about his music and gets much more out of his practice than if he was just practicing alone. As well as helping him with his set piano music, Jack has also introduced him to jazz piano and they have had great fun improvising. Jack is very versatile and also helps my son with cello and voice. I can’t recommend Jacktice highly enough.”
Amanda, Local Mum

“I highly recommend Jacktice and Friends to Local Mums. I was struggling to get my sons to practice during lockdown as I didn’t have time to supervise them. I didn’t want practice to become just another chore for us on top of the homeschooling but was worried they were falling behind. Being young and energetic Jack is brilliant because he makes music practice sessions fun; his enthusiasm is infectious and the perfect antidote to tired lockdown parents. Jack is also a very talented and knowledgable musician, with lots of ideas about improving playing, and a great teacher. He achieves a huge amount in every short session. The improvement in my boys’ playing has been amazing.”
Kathy, Local Mum

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Jacktice and Friends
Practice is the most important part of learning any musical instrument, and not doing or enjoying practice is almost always the reason children give up learning.

Jacktice and Friends is a practice supervision service that provides inspiring music specialists to make sense of the practice sessions between your child’s individual instrumental lessons. These sessions will see your child progress on any instrument rapidly while also avoiding ‘those’ arguments about practice every evening. You will hear the results very quickly without any real struggle by following a few simple ‘practice guidelines’ that take years to learn by yourself. 

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The sessions are tailored around your child’s interests and skills so that whether it be preparing for an exam, exploring a genre of music, or just getting the most out of the individual lessons your child has, Jacktice will allow them to realise their musical potential, and most importantly, make learning an instrument as fun as it should be. 

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Jack Blakey
Jacktice and Friends 
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