Sleep training without the trauma

Local Mum Hannah offers a bespoke service which helps you teach your child how to sleep better


Sleep deprivation is cited as the number one challenge for new - and often not-so-new - parents. The effects can be far-reaching and affect every member of the family. Sleep is a learned skill which doesn’t come naturally to all children and many need help. Fortunately most sleep problems are behavioural in nature which means they can be prevented and/or solved.

Personal touch
Local Mum Hannah, who runs her own business Time for Sleep, offers bespoke solutions for sleep-deprived parents without causing trauma to their babies.

"I offer a personalised service for parents where I come and spend time with the family in their own home," explains Hannah, who has three young children. "I am the only service that adapts to the needs of the baby and the family, and I stay with them for as long as I'm needed."

Hannah, who is a qualified teacher with 14 years experience, teaches parents the skills to help their babies sleep and each service is specific to the baby and family she is training. 

Aims are agreed at the beginning of the sleep training, for example for baby to no longer be waking every two hours and to sleep undisturbed for the entire night; or to extend daytime sleeps beyond 30 minute naps to one or two hours of replenishing sleep (and replenishing daytime rest for Mummies!).

In four years Hannah has successfully sleep trained 285 babies and children in her local area and has recently taken on two assistants. "I want parents to realise that being sleep-deprived is not a necessary part of parenthood," adds Hannah.

Benefits for all
Hannah goes on to set extra aims focused on parental needs to enable parents to get back some of their old lives - like re-joining a gym, a swimming club or a dance classes. She also addresses the parents' needs as a couple, helping them find opportunities for time together or plan for a meal out alone together every month.

Of course, the benefits of good sleeping habits are not just for the parents. Improved sleep leads to happier babies, improved eating patterns and appetites, improved general development, speech and cognitive abilities and the ability to play and interact better with friends and siblings.

So if you would like a solution to lack of sleep without resorting to traumatic and potentially damaging regimes, why not see if Hannah can help?

Read Local Mums' reviews of Hannah and find out more about her services.

Contact Hannah:
Hannah Tebay BSc PGCE MA
Tel: 077 9945 8610


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