Helping little monkeys develop through music

Hugely popular Monkey Music introduces music to very young children in a way they easily understand and enjoy, nurturing a lifetime of music.


Established in London in 1993, Monkey Music classes are now a weekly treat for 1,000s of families across Surrey and SW London.

"The ear is the first organ to develop fully in the womb, enabling babies to take comfort in the music of their mother's voice at just 11 weeks," explains Debbie Cook, who is launching Monkey Music classes in and around Reigate in January. "All children are born with instinctive musicality but only if this is encouraged early enough will a child fulfil their full musical potential."

"I am delighted to be sharing the Monkey Music experience with many 'little monkeys'," says Debbie. "I love the way that music brings such fun and laughter to everyone it touches while also delivering such fantastic development benefits.  It is truly inspiring to share in the children's joy as they discover their inner musicality."  

Benefits for children
The benefits of music for very young children, particularly when taught within a group, go much deeper than this. Early exposure to singing, listening to and playing music can sharpen up a whole range of educational skills. 

Language and numerical skills flourish through action songs and rhymes; fine motor skills are refined through playing hand held percussion instruments, while an awareness of space and one another is developed through movement. 

"The children's confidence and self-esteem grows rapidly as their involvement in the group increases," adds Debbie.

Fun, stimulating and friendly
Monkey Music was created by Guildhall School of Music graduate Angie Coates, Monkey Music’s Managing Director. Classes first opened in London in 1993 and Monkey Music’s popularity led to the company being franchised in 1998. More than 50 franchises now operate over 300 locations across the UK.

Specialist teachers are carefully chosen for their natural ability to communicate with and entertain young children and their carers, gently encouraging social and musical skills within a fun, stimulating and friendly environment. 

So why not bring your little one along and join in the fun?  Book your first class for FREE with Debbie!

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