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"I highly recommend  Lisa’s Luxurious Scents to Local Mums.  I have purchased a mini warmer and some wax melts from Scentsy. The mini warmer is excellent. The wax melts smell amazing, and the aromas last a long time. Great value for money.”
Kate, Local Mum


Lisa’s Luxurious Scents

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a wife and mum to two teenagers. 

16 year old Nick who is just about to do his GCSEs and then follow his dad into the carpentry trade and 13 year old Meg who is my little mini me!


I first came across Scentsy during Lockdown 2020. I’ve always loved candles, melts and all things pretty, and Scentsy is the whole package.


I loved the idea of the melts being able to be left on all day with no candles burning away. I love walking into my home after being out all day and it smells amazing, I also love the fact that all Scentsy products melt at a lower temperature so won’t burn if it gets on your skin. 

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I got a few samples from Robyn and fell in love with them instantly. 

Now nearly two years later, I’ve got a box full of melts (that is always increasing) several different burners, scent buddies, laundry products, hand washes and cleaning products.


I’ve even bought the scent paks just for Meg to use as fidget fiddlers, they smell amazing and come in different designs.

After being a customer of Robyn’s, she suggested I join her team. So here I am!

If you’d like more info, a brochure, party or you want to buy something please get in touch. 


Lisa-Marie Epps
Escential Consultant
Lisa’s Luxurious Scents 
Tel: 07742803171
Email: lisamarieepps@gmail.com
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