How to make an informed style purchase

Susannah Hebden, Local Mums Online’s personal stylist and owner of  SHM Personal Styling, tells us how to buy clothes successfully.

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Before you buy an item of clothing/pair of shoes/an accessory piece ask yourself:

Does the item fulfil its required function? – is it to go with an existing garment/to wear for a particular event/to create a new outfit? Does it achieve what you want it to achieve? Don’t get side tracked!

Does it say what you want it to say about you? Does it give the required impression of who you want to be?

Is it job appropriate? – For example, if it’s a pair of shoes for work are they a suitable style? Are they comfortable enough to be able to commute in?

Can you think of at least 3 existing items of clothing you have in your wardrobe that the piece will go with to create other new outfits?

Does it flatter your body shape? Does it make you feel great?

Be honest. If the answer is no to any of these put it back and think again.

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Susannah also blogs for us as The Post Baby Stylist. 


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