Release your inner warrior with TFW London

So many of us pay a fortune to big corporate gyms that we never even visit. Why not try a local company that is guaranteed to get you motivated to make those changes - and have fun too!

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Would you like to stop feeling tired all the time? Be more confident? Learn new skills? Get back your balance and focus? Reduce stress? Be a positive role model to your family?

Malcolm Taylor from TFW London (Training For Warriors London) can help you achieve your goals. "Our mix of high intesity interval training and focused strength sessions will leave you feeling energised and burning fat for up to 48 hours," explains Malcolm.

As part of the TFW "Familia" you'll be part of a team helping each other achive goals. Because the classes are small you'll get individual attention in a safe learning environment.

Simple changes
"With added nutrition and lifestyle coaching, I can show you how to make small simple changes to get your mojo back and unleash your inner warrior," says Malcolm. "Anyone can make you SORE but not everyone can make you MORE!"

So if you are keen to make positive changes to your life, release your inner warrior and see a visible difference to your fitness, why not give Malcolm a call?

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Malcolm Taylor 
TFW London
Tel: 07843257749 

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