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Local Mum and Fine Art Photographer, Sonia Freeman, has branched out into photographing other mums - pregnant, with babies or just looking glam!

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Italian-born fine art photographer, Sonia Freeman, realised her dream to become a self-employed photographer when her two children were born.

“I always loved photography,” explains local mum Sonia. “But it’s a dream come true for me to combine spending time with my children and making a living from photography.” 

Work and motherhood
It wasn’t until she had her children that Sonia had a chance to think about doing photography as a job, and even then it took a while. After leaving her office job when she was pregnant Sonia soon became busy looking after her sons, now aged 10 and 12. 

“I left my office job after my boss told me I was ‘useless’ when I got pregnant!” explains Sonia. “After my first son was born I looked at the cost of childcare and realised that it would probably be best for me to be a full-time mum for a few years.”

The years rolled by and before she knew it her sons Joshua and Jools were in Junior school. But Sonia managed to do a Btec course in Photography at Scola and as soon as she had time she set about starting up her own business, 
Sbf Photography

“I decided it was time to go back to doing what I love,” says Sonia. “So I built a studio in my back garden and set up my photography business. I sell my prints at local fairs and hopefully soon at local galleries too.”

“Like many mothers, I’m trying to juggle my time and set up a business in order to spend as much time as possible with my family,” says Sonia. “I’m able to do this because my bookings are usually in the mornings when my children are at school, or at weekends when my husband is home.”

Photographic background
Sonia has always loved taking pictures and never goes anywhere without a camera. “I’ve always been passionate about all forms of art: dance, theatre and - since I’ve always got my camera - photography!” says Sonia, who has travelled extensively and has produced a book of her travel photography.

“Photographing everyday people’s lives and vibrant street scenes gives me an enormous sense of joy,” Sonia explains.
“But I love all the different aspects of photography. The photos that I take for myself capture what I see or what I feel in that particular moment. When I’m working for a client I’m careful to photograph what the client wants me to, but I also try to take some extra shots that capture how I see the scene.”

Bumps, babies and boudoirs
Sonia has recently moved into photographing ‘
bumps and babies’, creating stunning  images of mothers before their babies are born and taking beautiful portraits once the babies are here. Sonia also does photo-shoots of women looking fabulous called ‘Not Only Boudoir.’ 

“Having children myself gave me the opportunity to photograph other children and slowly expand into new ventures” explains Sonia. “I am particularly fond of my 
Maternity and Newborn shoots and also my ‘Not Only Boudoir’ photography.”

Sonia is a member of the Societies of Weddings and Portrait Photography (SWPP) and has won several awards in their monthly competitions. Sbf Photography supports the Royal Marsden Charity, so part of everything she earns goes to the charity.

Sonia is offering Carshalton Mums 15% off all her photography if booked before 31st March 2012. So if you fancy creating some stunning photos of yourself or your family, why not give local mum Sonia a try?

More information or to book a session with Sonia or contact her at:
Sonia Boni Freeman
Sbf Photography

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