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Local Pilates teacher Sue is sharing her Pilates classes online

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Here’s Sue’s first class, perfect for beginners:

Sue’s second online class for Local Mums:

Sue’s third online class for Local Mums, focusing on neck and shoulders so ideal for work at home mums and home schoolers:

Sue’s fourth online class for Local Mums: a little bit of everything!

Sue’s fifth online class for Local Mums: curl-up and spine curl combo

Sue’s sixth online class for Local Mums: Old School Stretches

Sue’s seventh online class for Local Mums: for the local rugby club!

About Sue
I love Pilates but I really hated attending large gym classes of over 20 people in one class, as I was never sure if I was doing it right, do you ever feel the same? Also, as a woman who is 50 something young, I felt self-conscious being taught by a teacher old enough to be my daughter, who was yet to truly understand the impact of the menopause on energy levels, weight gain and my body in general. Does this resonate with you? 

When my own Pilates teacher suggested I consider qualifying as a teacher, it seemed a mad, crazy idea but immediately I knew that I wanted to work with women who like me struggled with their weight and was going through the menopause. I wanted to work in a small intimate class setting (my classes are up to 10-12 people only), local to where I lived and not in a gym, and so I embarked on an amazing adventure to qualify with Parallel Coaching and Active IQ, which was not easy but so rewarding!  

I love working with small groups, which allows me to personalise the class,  catering for the requirements of each individual. Having women in my class who may not have exercised before or returning to exercise to shift baby weight, or dealing with the menopause, tell me they feel fantastic after the class is something I am so proud of. I still attend weekly Pilates classes as part of my own development, such is my commitment to Pilates. So, if you have made a commitment to find a Pilates class that is committed to your health and fitness goals and is the next best thing to a 1:2:1 session in Carshalton, why don’t you message me and come and try a class out?

New classes starting on September 24th!

Sue Murkin 

Carshalton Pilates
Tel: 07843 679419
Email: sue.murkin@me.com


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