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With so many so-called 'experts' on the market claiming to solve your sleep dilemmas, Local Mums recommend approaches that actually work - and don't traumatise children or parents


"I highly recommend Time For Sleep to all Local Mums. 
Hannah's warmth and compassion and evident love of babies are invaluable qualities while she works with you. She is confident calm and clear. Invaluable when you are desperately sleep deprived.

Through explaining theory and sharing her experiences our wakeful (every two hours at night) windy five month old son is now sleeping through. She works with your whole family taking everything into consideration. Her service is bespoke and that's why it works.

As well as our baby she helped tweak our toddler's day too so their routines fitted together. She sat with us for two nights explaining baby communication and the reasons for waking and how to tackle them. They were mainly overcome in one night- amazing! She gave wide ranging support from baby's feeding, boosting milk, naps, routine, to toddler behaviour and potty training.

From her visit over two days she moved us from disorganised chaos to a manageable routine day and night. Having her there made it easy shifting our 5 month onto a routine and sticking to it. During subsequent illness or house move she has been at the end of an email to advise, easing us back to sleeping well. Really an amazing service.
Katie, Local Mum of Julian

"I highly recommend Time For Sleep to Local Mums. Hannah was recommended to me by a Friend of a friend who had, had a good experience with Hannah sleep training her baby and what an amazing recommendation this was!! I don't really know where to start...

My little girl Amelia used to wake constantly throughout the night for milk and attention she would be up literally every hour or two I forgot what sleep was I was exhausted and Amelia was used to me being there for her every time she awoke even a little. Since I have had Hannah to work with me Amelia now sleeps 11 hours a night in her own bed and wakes up chatting to herself every morn happily :-)

Hannah is an amazing woman and has / is there for me every time I need any advice!!

She has become a friend of mine simply because she is so lovely I couldn't recommend Hannah enough!! If you have forgotten what sleep is and need help don't think twice, get in touch with Hannah she will help you feel human again!!! :-).
Lisa, Local Mum of Amelia


Time For Sleep
At Time for Sleep we have three dedicated consultants who have each had over ten years’ experience with babies, toddlers and children. We offer sleep solutions from new born and beyond in an informal and personal way - each child, parent and issue is unique and each case is approached as such.

Chances are that as you are reading this now you have spoken to many people regarding the sleep issues you are facing, you have read countless sleep books and searched extensively on the internet, only to find that the vast amount of information available is conflicting and has left you overwhelmed over what to do next.

We fully understand and empathise with the demands and challenges of parenthood. We will be there to work with you in your home- without judgment- to get to know you and your child, your needs and preferences and to support you through a clear process that will give your family the sleep they need.

We offer a personalised solution centred around the needs of your baby and you including:

- Confidence that the choices we make are right for your baby and without trauma

- Teaching you to "read" the needs of your baby accurately

- Moving a baby from co-sleeping into their own cot, bed or room

- Installing an appropriate bedtime and accompanying routine

- Teaching your baby to sleep without the need for rocking or nursing

- Encouraging your baby to sleep through the night and to stop night feeding- at the right time

- Putting in place appropriate day time naps, extending nap times and an appropriate feeding/meal schedule

- Resolving problems in older children including night waking, night terrors, poor routines and early waking

- Identifying any underlying medical considerations- reflux, colic, apnea, restless leg syndrome

Our approach is sleep coaching without trauma, for you or your child.

Contact Hannah:
Hannah Tebay BSc PGCE MA
Tel: 077 9945 8610


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