Osteopathy could be the answer

Local Mums have had amazing results from The Surrey Osteopaths. From newborn colic to sports injuries, this local osteopathy company offers a range of treatments for babies and adults.


When faced with a colicky newborn, or a baby that just won't settle, many mums are at a loss to know where to turn. Sometimes the only resort seems to be an over-the-counter remedy to try and soothe their inconsolable baby.

However lots of Local Mums have found an alternative approach that relieves their babies and involves no potions or lotions; just a gentle and effective manual therapy by the qualified local practitioners at The Surrey Osteopaths.

Holistic therapy
Osteopathy is a well-known and effective holistic treatment but what exactly does it involve? "Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on 
the study of the body's anatomy, physiology and function," explains Ricky Kempton who runs the Sutton-based osteopathy and physiotherapy company The Surrey Osteopaths 

"Osteopaths use their knowledge in combination with their accurate palpation," continues Ricky. "They diagnose and treat any area of the body for any type of musculoskeletal, visceral or cranial problem. Osteopathy has scientific and evidence-based research to back up the subjective benefits mentioned by patients.

Effective for newborns
Cranial osteopathy is a branch of osteopathy that has proved very effective for treating babies. Ricky explains: "Cranial osteopathy is the very precise and subtle art of listening to the body’s rhythm and treating it through removal of strain patterns running through the body that are maintaining an injury. These can be caused from birth, through the traumatic event of coming into the world."

"Cranial osteopathy is very effective for babies," adds Ricky. "It uses extremely gentle techniques that are very passive and give relief without causing any harm, unlike pain killers and other medications. Mothers notice remarkable benefits for their babies after cranial osteopathy when everything else has failed. It is especially effective at treating colic in babies."

Helping Local Mums
The Surrey Osteopaths 
has become a favourite among Local Mums looking for an holistic approach to relieving their babies' discomfort.

"We got in touch with Ricky after our health visitor suggested we visit a cranial osteopath as our baby Olivia was in a lot of discomfort and not sleeping properly," explains one Local Mum. "In a matter of a few weeks Olivia’s digestion improved dramatically and she was a happier more settled baby who slept more. Now Olivia is a happy 16-week-old baby with healthy sleeping and eating patterns. Ricky has really helped Olivia to achieve this."

The Surrey Osteopaths have specialist clinics that focus on diagnosing and treating infants for a range of problems including difficult deliveries (from ventouse and forceps), constipation, trouble winding, colic and irritability.

"We use our great knowledge of the human body to treat the problem area and what effects it might have on different parts - which means being holistic," explains Ricky. "We have a reputation for relieving people of all ages from their aches and pains in the quickest time possible."

If you would like your baby to be treated in a gentle and effective holistic way by a trusted local practitioner, why not give Ricky from The Surrey Osteopaths a call?

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