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Local Mums recommend the best Karate clubs in our area


"I highly recommend Surbiton Karate to all Local Mums. ‘Amazing' is the only word I could possibly use. My son has been with the club for nearly two years and he loves it. Great exercise, loads of fun activities and lovely teachers that make a great effort.”
Joanna Cygan, Local Mum

"I recommend Surbiton Karate to Local Mums. It’s the perfect place to let children improve their physical strength and self-confidence.” 
Marek Dubicki, Local Dad

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Surbiton Karate 
Surbiton Karate is a local and friendly club where students will learn good quality Karate. Karate is a great, unique, life-long skill for everyone; learn discipline, coordination, gain fitness and have fun at the same time. It is also great for children to focus their energy! 

Seiki Juku is a form of traditional Japanese Karate and in English means 'True Spirit School of Karate'.

Students are taught foremost the art of self-defence. It is a traditional style of Karate and, unlike some styles, honour, respect, and etiquette still make the foundations of our school.

Jack Holdbrook has been training in the Karate school of Seiki Juku Karate-Do and has over 10 years of experience teaching at all levels. He has trained directly under Sensei Frank Perry (8th Dan) and gained his 3rd Dan in April 2016.

Affordable classes in Surbiton, Tolworth and Epsom! Children and Adults ages 5 up! 

Read an article about the club on page five of the magazine

Jack Holdbrook

Surbiton Karate 
Tel: 07763 780832
Email: surbiton@bu-sen.co.uk
Web: www.surbitonkarate.com  http://www.thegoodlifesurbiton.co.uk/PDF/2017/june-2017/june-17.pdf

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