Science and maths workshops

Workshops are a great way to fire kids’ enthusiasm for learning. Local Mums recommend the best science and maths workshops in our area.


“I highly recommend Little House of Science to all Local Mums. The workshops are very high quality and great fun for kids; my daughters love them and always come home bubbling with enthusiasm for the subject.”
Sarah, Local Mum


Little House of Science
Little House of Science offers weekly after school age specific science workshops for children ranging from 3-4, 4-7, 5-8 and 8-11 years of age. Our classes, located in Central London, are designed to fulfil children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm about the world through ‘hands-on and brains-on’ science projects. 

Our diverse curriculum includes topics from Earth, Life and Physical Life, Earth Physical Science, as well as covering some exciting Engineering topics. Little House of Science introduces scientific concepts and ideas in a simplified and age-adjusted way via an exciting mix of interactive discussions, practical demonstrations and numerous hands-on experiments for the kids. 

Typical sessions include:

an introduction to the topic with facts and new knowledge

interactive discussions where the children are encouraged to ask questions

a large number of hands-on experiments

take home projects and parental notes

Little Maths, Rhythm and Shapes

Our classes present an exciting new concept for children aged 2-3 and 3-4 years to begin their wonderful journey with numbers! Classes are filled with activities and are designed to help build your child’s confidence with quantities and numbers from 1-10 followed by higher levels for older children. 

Each class gives an exciting twist with…

a combination of music, shapes and colours to aid the learning process

fun themes covered each week such as Sea World, Transportation, Planets, Arctic Animals and many more to learn about the world around us

numbers and the concepts of adding and subtracting

Book your child’s place in one of our pre and after school science workshops in Fulham, Putney, Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Chiswick and Swiss Cottage today. Do ask to join a free trial class any time!

Liliana Crachilova
Little House of Science
Tel: 0800 092 1062

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