The advantages of baby signing

The benefits of sign-language for babies are well-established, from knowing what your baby is thinking to what your baby needs. Local Mum Esmarelda, who runs TinyTalk classes in our area, explains how she became convinced of the advantages of signing for babies and mums.


Local Mum Esmarelda first did baby signing with her son James when he was six months old and was astounded when he made his first sign. From that moment on she has been an avid believer in baby signing.

"I soon realised that babies that can communicate their basic needs are less frustrated because Mummy knows when they are hungry, thirsty or tired," explains Esmarelda, who runs TinyTalk classes in Merton, Earlsfield and Southfields. "This leads to happier mummies too!"

James is now four years old and still does signs while talking: "His favourite sign is biscuit and cake, of course!" laughs Esmarelda.

When her second baby, Ethan, was born, Esmarelda was keen for him to have the same advantage as James. "So far I have had an amazing time at TinyTalk and little Ethan has already made his first sign!" says Esmarelda.

Running her own classes
Esmarelda was so impressed with the benefits of baby signing that she launched her own TinyTalk classes in her local area in September 2012.  "TinyTalk classes are fun and relaxed, yet educational," explains Esmarelda. "We use popular nursery rhymes, props and BSL (British Sign Language) to teach mums and their babies the basic signs that will lead to better communication." 

"Every week we have a different theme and the classes consist of 30 minutes signing and singing then 30 minutes social time," adds Esmarelda.

"Social time is where mums get a chance to relax and share their signing stories, make new friends or just unwind with a cuppa and biscuit, while babies have some play time."

Sounds good to us! If you are interested in trying out the benefits of baby signing for yourself, why not give Esmarelda a call and find out about your nearest class?

"I am looking forward to welcoming Local Mums and their little ones to my classes," says Esmarelda. "Please give me a call if you would like more information."

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For more information about 
TinyTalk classes, please contact Esmarelda:
Tel: 07906303995


Esmarelda with her sons James and Ethan

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