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I highly recommend Family Date to Local Mums. My daugther and I used to start the day on a bad foot, in foul moods. That is not what I wanted for my girl. I wanted her to be happy, have an innocent childhood, and be free. What I was doing was totally the opposite. I was making her (and me) sad and angry. Not a good start.  A friend recommended Family Date. She said, try it, it’s all about fun. What have you got to lose? So I contacted them and explained the situation to Agata. She helped me understand a few things and advised an approach to take to address the situation through engaged play. I tried out the approach that we discussed and now mornings are different. Thanks to Family Date Lucy and I now start the day on the good foot!”
Ally K, Local Mum

"I recommend Family Date to Local Mums. My four year old boy Jack has a little brother, Oliver, two and a half years younger. At the beginning Jack was a lovely, caring older brother. Things changed when Oliver started to express himself more, and be more mobile. He started to irritate Jack, by grabbing and playing with his toys, asking for my attention. Jack started to show Oliver how he felt about him by pinching him, hitting his head while passing by or sometimes pushing him. I was very upset. My two little babies and so much anger already. We started punishment techniques like putting Jack on a naughty step or taking away his toys but this resulted in Jack being even more hateful towards Oliver. 
"We spoke with Agata at 
Family Date and she helped us work through a number of techniques. One that stood out was the “making amends” technique. Every time Jack misbehaved towards Oliver, rather than punishing Jack in any way, we showed him how to make amends.  This actually made Jack feel better about himself. Seeing that he made his little brother stop crying and smiled made him happy. As a result he became  more gentle with Oliver. It’s amazing to see that.”
Jane M, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Family Date to Local Mums. My three year old daughter used to hate having her hair washed. She loved having baths but when it came to washing her hair, the nightmare started. She would fight for her life not to have her hair washed. This involved biting, stomping, pushing, hitting… you name it. I couldn’t understand the problem. She loved baths overall. She also loved swimming. Why such drama? After working with Agata at Family Date, we introduced the technique of problem solving. My girl disliked when water with shampoo got into her eyes. So we agreed for her to use swim goggles and we pretend we are diving in an ocean when I wash her hair. Amazing, thanks to Agata, not a single fight about the hair washing since then.”
Betty, Local Mum


Family Date
A few words from the founder: 

My name is Agata and I am the founder of Family Date. 

I am a Certified Discipline Parent Educator and a very happy mum of two amazing children.  

When my first child was born, I wanted to be the best mum I could be, but to be honest with you, I really didn't know how sometimes. Often, I struggled to get my child to cooperate. I was in a survival mode. Sometimes I had to raise my voice, other times I had to bribe them,  I hated all of it.  

And to be honest, my kids weren't better off. They were sad when things didn't go their way; often in tears; threw tantrums; didn't listen and didn't cooperate. 

 I decided to change that and I started my research, analysis and testing parenting techniques I found. There is a lot of information out there now on how to raise children. Some very good and some very discouraging and disrespectful. I had to filter through all of that, then chose those I agreed with,  and test them. 

Over the years I have gathered a lot of parenting tools and now I want to share them with you, so you don't have to invest hours and hours like me into research and testing. I can show you many tools I know, have tested and you can chose those that work best for you and your child.  

Come and join me on the amazing journey of being a positive parent. 

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Who social and life skills do you want your child to have when they are older?

Do you want to raise children that are responsible, collaborative, confident, resourceful? Do you wish all the nagging, bribing, threats and power struggles to end so you can fully enjoy parenting? Do you know how to effectively manage tantrums? 

Positive Discipline is a programme developed exactly to do that. It teaches children self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem solving in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults. Parenting that focuses only on the needs of a child is likely to nurture children that lack courage and are dependent  on others. On the other hand, parenting that focuses only on the needs of adults, invites submission, fear, rebellion and disconnect.  

Positive Discipline is about respecting each other's needs; it is not punitive nor permissive. It is based on firmness and kindness at the same time. I offer courses (crash courses and 6-8 week ones) as well as private coaching for parents who want to learn how to become a positive parent. 

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Agata Boczkowska-Young
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Founder of

Family Date
Tel: 07568 542 498

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