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"I am really looking forward to taking my daughter along to The Little Bugs Club at Sutton Community Farm this sounds great!!" 
Zoe Cox, Local Mum

"I can't wait to start The Little Bugs Club at Sutton Community FarmWhat a great idea, I love it! Let's support local initiatives like this, that's what we keep asking for after all."
Majonne Frost, Local Mum

"I'm looking forward to try it out The Little Bugs Club at Sutton Community Farm as I have a very arty crafty girl and we have an allotment which she loves helping out at."
Sarah Gibson, Local Mum


The Little Bugs Club
The Little Bugs Club provides toddlers with the space to be as exuberant, messy, noisy and physical as they naturally are. It can appeal to all their senses giving them the experience of the looks, smells, feelings and sounds of weather, seasons and natural environment.

Our two hour sessions are all based around seasonal themes with activities such as treasure hunts, trail-making, digging and plant care, crafts, exploring nature, singing songs and reading stories, providing supported learning through play.

Keeping warm and dry
We feel that it is just as important for the children to experience the rain and wind as lovely sunshine but it is essential that they are comfortable. We will do lots of energetic activities to keep warm but dressing your child in a number of warm layers and finishing with a hat (covering ears) and waterproof shoes (wellies) will help them to get the most from their time here. We have a small polytunnel for sheltering in on very cold or wet days and warm drinks are provided.

The children will be given a healthy, organic snack (such as carrot sticks, apple chunks, bread sticks etc) as part of each session. Where possible this will be seasonal and sometimes relating to that session's theme.

Structure of sessions
Introduction and hello song 9:30 - 9:35
Activity 1 9:35 - 10:20
Snack time 10:20 - 10:40
Activity 2 10:40 - 11:25

Emma Stopford
Sutton Community Farm
40a Telegraph Track, 
SM6 0SH 
Tel: 07872507403

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