Local Mums recommend the best tutors in our area

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"I highly recommend Davinson Tuition to Local Mums. We have used Mrs Davinson for nearly two years and we can honestly say that our little boy has blossomed under her coaching. He loves to go to her classes and we value understanding the expectations of the national curriculum."
Michelle, Local Mum

“I recommend Davinson Tuition to Local Mums. Lucy Davinson is a wonderful tutor, very professional, always encouraging, helpful and very reliable. Both my son (Year 4) and daughter (Year 1) attend Davinson Tuition and she has given them so much confidence and made their learning journey an enjoyable experience. Lucy's teaching has made a great impact on my children's achievements."
Monika, Local Mum

"Finding a good tutor for your child is not easy... but I highly recommend Davinson Tuition. An amazing find!"
Sarah, Local Mum

Davinson Tuition

'Boost success in the classroom'

• Practise and consolidate key skills and knowledge in maths and English

• Complete coverage of the new national curriculum

• Small group lessons led by an experienced primary school teacher. (Not a computer based learning programme)

• Specialising in Years 1-5

• Preparation for the Year 1 phonics screening test and Year 2 SATs

•  £14 per hour (Including tailored maths and English homework planned to meet children's individual learning needs)

• Trial session

• Summer revision sessions also available

• Based in Carshalton with easy parking (just off Stanley Park Road)

Mrs Lucy Davinson
Tel: 07931 590250

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