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"I highly recommend The Jungle Body With Kat to all Local Mums. Before starting this class with Kat, I hated exercising! I dreaded attending other classes I did and would always try to find an excuse not to go. But konga with Kat has dramatically changed that. This class is AMAZING. The routines are intense and hard work but so much fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Kat is an incredible instructor, she's enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive, motivating and she GENUINELY cares about all who attend, which in my experience, is an absolute rarity. I cannot rate her highly enough, or give enough praise to this lady and the class she does. Suitable for all levels of ability and fitness, it's the best class you'll ever attend.”
Claire Edwards, Local Mum

"I highly recommend The Jungle Body With Kat to all Local Mums. I now have a reason to look forward to my Tuesdays! It really is such an amazing class; it is so much fun and has really helped me with my weight loss. The class instructor Kat does such a fabulous job. The routines are exciting and I ache for a few days after so I know it's done wonders on my body. Kat keeps everyone motivated throughout each class and the routines suit everyone's ability."
Molly Wolsey, Local Mum

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The Jungle Body With Kat

The ultimate fat burner mixing dance, boxing, cardio and toning.

The World's fiercest workout.

Just you and the music.

Katherine Hubbard
The Jungle Body With Kat
Tel: 07961933216
On Facebook: The Jungle Body With Kat

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