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"I highly recommend SW Paws to Local Mums. Cooper is ecstatic every time Lara comes to pick him up.  He joins for the morning walks Monday through to Wednesday, and occasionally goes for full day care when I am super busy. We also use SW Paws for sleepovers, he has stayed with them for plenty of weekends and weeks when I go on my holidays! It really is a home from home for Cooper.”
Francesca, Local Mum and Cooper’s owner

“I recommend SW Paws to Local Mums. Otto is a very needy dog with very specific needs. I don't like leaving him but during his two week stay with SW Paws, Lara and James sent me daily pup dates, videos and photos. He looked so happy and relaxed in a home environment, they spoiled him with love. They even cooked his chicken fresh twice a day! I wouldn't use anyone else.”
Louise, Local Mum and Otto’s owner

"I highly recommend SW Paws to Local Mums. Dizzy is an energetic dog so the long morning walk is perfect for both exercising and socialising her. Lara makes sure she is only ever walked in small groups, she is picked up from home, and when she attends day care at a (real) home from home she gets plenty of attention, cuddles and enriched playtime, I don’t think she wants to come home!”
Liz, Local Mum and Dizzy’s owner

"I highly recommend SW Paws to Local Mums. Buddy is always so happy to see Lara at pick up time. We send him to SW Paws for two full days a week, he then attends Breakfast Club for the rest of the week. They are so flexible and really make life that little bit easier. Knowing he is getting cuddles, love and long walks leaves us feeling guilt free.”
Kate, Local Mum and Buddy’s owner


SW Paws
We are a fully insured, dog walking and boarding service based in South West London, dedicated to keeping those tails wagging. Giving our furry friends the attention and love they deserve in a home setting- we spoil your dog even more than you do!

Give us an email us and we will arrange a call to have a quick chat. From there we can set up a no obligations meet and greet with you and your four-pawed pal. We will then set up a trial walk and if those tails are wagging we’ll get some paperwork sorted and we are off!

Lara Robertson
SW Paws
Tel: 07889200683


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