Parenting classes

Recommendations from other mums are essential when looking for help with parenting. Here Local Mums tell us about the best classes in our area.


"I really recommend ToddlerCalm to all Local Mums. The ToddlerCalm workshop really opened my eyes. What they say makes so much sense and is so obvious now I think of it. Their approach is so fresh and so needed. ToddlerCalm is going to be so important to so many parents and toddlers. Thank you." 

Emma, Local Mum of Chloe, 18 months

"ToddlerCalm classes are excellent. Everything they say makes so much sense and has really helped already. I can really understand why my son tantrums now and can often stop them before they even start. Even if I don't catch one in time I know I have skills to calm him quickly." 

Josie, Local Mum of Matthew, 2 years


Toddlers can be a real challenge from tantrums to picky eating, clingy behaviour to sleep problems. Sometimes parents don’t know what to do to make things better. Support is few and far between and often relies on strict behavioural techniques such as ‘time out’ and ‘naughty steps’ which can often make parents and toddlers feel even more stressed.

ToddlerCalm is here to fill that gap. We help parents to foster harmonious relationships with their toddler. Our classes and workshops are suitable for all parents of toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years old.

We help parents to understand their toddler and use this knowledge to help their toddler to be calm and contented, which in turn leads to happier parents too!

For details of your local classes and workshops contact:

Kirsty Nelson
Tel: 07917192274

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