Local Mums recommend the best childminders in our area

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“I highly recommend Bambinos Playhouse to Local Mums. Vanessa worked for us for two and half years. She is a very bubbly, funny and attentive person. She has a great love for children of any age. Any family would be lucky to have such a wonderful person as Vanessa to look after their children.”
Christopher, Local Dad 

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Bambinos Playhouse
We are Vanessa and Cassia, experienced and qualified Ofsted- registered childminders, providing loving and caring childcare from home in Wimbledon.

We are opening soon, ten minutes walk from Wimbledon Park Station!

For more information, or to visit, please contact:

Vanessa and Cassia,
Bambinos Playhouse,
Vanessa: 07834239973
Cassia: 07826004093

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