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"I highly recommend Sophia Jarrett from Healing Bodywork to all Local Mums. She has looked after me, my family, countless friends and clients. My wish would be for everyone to experience her 'healing hands.’ As a mindset coach, the interconnection between body mind and soul are of upmost importance in the work I do. While a leading 'massage' therapist, Sophia also inherently understands this triad and has a natural skill in identifying and prioritizing a client's needs and applying healing to each area through her touch. A session with Sophia will leave you relaxed yet energized, supple yet calm, recharged yet peaceful."
Sarah Rossi-Beeston, Local Mum and Mindset Coach


Healing Bodywork 
Combining deeply therapeutic massage techniques with intuitive expertise to provide effective treatments in a peacefully relaxing treatment room.

Results driven, our focus is to give your body and mind the space to ease tensions, relax, heal and regenerate. By taking you through a consultation, a powerful tailor-made treatment is delivered: with ease with your desired goals in mind, igniting your body’s capacity to align and heal.


We invite you to book a session and take time out for you….The world will still be waiting there for you to step back on…fully revived. With over 10 years of experience in therapeutic bodywork, a curious and wealth of knowledge of the human body, Sophia’s compassionate nature provides you with an unforgettable experience.

Her thirst of knowledge took her to study Health Science, Remedial Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy at Westminster University underpinning her scientific understanding to her holistic approach. Her passion for expressive dance and yoga, Sophia harnesses the healing properties of movement into the treatments. With a deep interest in human nature, positive touch and mindfulness she is continually developing herself and exploring new ways to bring herself and others into the present moment.

Sophia is also offering £10 off e-gift vouchers for Christmas. Email Sophia so she can  personalise them and email to you. Card payments can be taken.

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Sophia Jarrett
Healing Bodywork
Tel: 07939 087698

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