From hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing™ to baby massage, local mums give their recommendations for the best therapists in our area


"I highly recommend Calm Focus to all Local Mums. I followed Sharon Martin’s HypnoBirthing™ course at home. I really enjoyed the classes with Sharon. She helped me relax and feel positive. The HypnoBirthing™ techniques really helped me relax during pregnancy and labour. I managed very well without any pain relief during the first stages of labour until I was 7cm dilated. The breathing techniques that I learned were very helpful after the birth as well when I had to stay in hospital for a few days. I still use some of the breathing techniques to relax."
Mayoo, Local Mum

"I recommend Calm Focus to all Local Mums. I attended the HypnoBirthing™ class that Sharon runs and have to say it was absolutely fantastic!! My husband and I really benefited from the classes and found that it really helped us to have a calm and enoyable pregnancy. The information that we learned about general pregnancy and labour was so useful and helped us to feel completey in control. When I gave birth on 28th December 2011, I had the most fantastic birth. By applying all of the breathing techniques during labour, I had already dilated 4cm before going in to hospital and I did not need any pain relief during the first stage of labour. I was the talk of the labour ward as the doctors and midwives could not believe how well I was coping without any pain relief. I can't recommend Sharon highly enough. For someone who believed that they had a very low pain threshold and that I would be screaming for every drug possible I was so calm that I actually enjoyed giving birth."
Emilie, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Calm Focus. We loved our baby massage course with Sharon. Theo was  a few weeks old and he and I were a bit overwhelmed on the first day, but Sharon was really calm and friendly, imposing no time pressures or stress. After the first session Theo loved massage and an added plus… he started to enjoy being changed (something he used to scream through). The course enabled us to learn the skills together and Theo and I now love our daily massage when we have real quality time enjoying each other without any interruptions. Sharon was such a wonderful teacher; she clearly explains everything and the reasons behind different aspects of the massage, which I found really interesting. I would recommend Sharon and baby massage to all. Having Sharon come to us was an added benefit in those first weeks when everything is a bit daunting."
Frankie, Local Mum

"I would like to recommend Calm Focus to all Local Mums. I had the pleasure of being taught baby massage by Sharon alongside a friend of mine. Although my baby was older, I was still able to learn the strokes in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. I was often giving a doll to practice on but Sharon is very thorough and will ensure you are confident enough to take the skills away to practice yourself. The lessons are very well structured and her attention to detail was excellent. For any mums that would like a course with a personal touch then definitely book up with Sharon. The babies seemed to love her too!!"
Angela, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Calm FocusWe started Baby Massage when my daughter was about three months old. Sharon also visited us at home. The sessions are baby-led, so if it was nap time, then we practised on dolls. Willow is my second child and it was nice to be able to do this on a one-to-one basis with her. It also helped with her colic. I love the fact that this can be adapted for older children as well. My three-year-old loves it when we tell stories and draw pictures on her back with my fingers. Sharon is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend her."
Elley, Local Mum

"I recommend Calm Focus to all Local Mums. I started baby massage when my baby was around five weeks old as Sharon visited us at home. It was really convenient and the classes were structured around baby’s feeding etc. It was great to relax for an hour and learn the techniques. Sharon provided clear instructions and was always available to answer any questions. Starting baby massage early was great as the techniques helped to comfort my baby who suffered from colic. I only started classes early due to Sharon visiting me at home. Thanks a lot Sharon. Both baby and I love our massage routine.
Mayoo, Local Mum

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