Local Mums recommend the best nurseries in our area

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“I highly recommend KISH Kindergarten to Local Mums. If you wanted to dream up the perfect kindergarten to send your kids - KISH would be what you would dream ... A beautiful and big garden set with Richmond park on one side and the river Thames on the other. A nature-based kindergarten that embraces the abundance of natural resources around it - a place where children's natural curiosity is respected and children are taught social skills by being looked after with love, kindness and enthusiasm. I have my 3rd child currently at KISH and I already dread the day when KISH is no longer part of all our lives it has been such a happy and wonderful adventure for all my children and for us too.”
Mercedes, Local Mum

“I recommend KISH Kindergarten to Local Mums. All three of my grandchildren went here and they were so happy. They are now full of enthusiasm for new experiences and outdoor pursuits.”
Denise, Local Mum

“I highly recommend KISH Kindergarten to Local Mums. KISH is the most beautiful kindergarten set in natural surroundings and the best caregivers you could ever wish for your child. So sad KISH time is almost over for us.”
Brigit, Local Mum

“I recommend KISH Kindergarten to Local Mums. KISH Kindergarten has been the best start our children could have  - the team live the KISH values for and with the children and this together with the outdoor concept KISH has been a wonderful and meaningful part of their lives that will stay with all four of them for the rest of their lives. It has brought them a kind and thoughtful understanding of relationships with peers and adults and a deep connection to the outside, the world around us and peace and expression in exploring, imaginative play and arts and crafts both with any and all materials! The children are incredibly well and thoughtfully cared for and truly become a community and family to each other, staff and parents.”
Georgina, Local Mum

“I highly recommend KISH Kindergarten to Local Mums. My daughter was at KISH for over two years and she loved it! The staff are caring, the educational programme excellent and I love the forest school concept.”
Sonia, Local Mum

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KISH Kindergarten
We are excited to share our KISH concept with you. Many different educational approaches, learning theories and psychological strategies merge to form our KISH ethos. We would like to introduce two main pillows our curriculum is based on:

Nature concept
Nature-based learning focuses on the holistic development of the child. Nature encourages children to be physical and to develop through lots of activities both fine and gross motor skills.

We spend time outdoors on a daily basis – in any weather – and enjoy different seasons either in our garden or in the neighbouring woodland. Equipped with the perfect outfit of waterproof trousers, rain coats and welly boots we are ready to explore our environment and learn from it.

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KISH Kindergarten is proud to have a bilingual team teaching in either German or English. The children within our group come from many language backgrounds and most of them already experience two or more languages within their families. Speaking one’s home language is crucial for conveying social and emotional understanding. This approach is highly valued by our team, who speak to the children in their main language.

All our traditions and routine changes are supported in both languages: tidy up songs, circle time activities, register time, birthdays, hello songs, finger- and action games. As we all know children are active learners. Therefore, all our language activities are based on visuals, hands-on experiences: messy play, music, experiments and food activities.  

It is not only children growing up in multilingual families that benefit from a bilingual early year setting, but absolutely everybody!

We would love to tell you more about us, feel free to drop us a note or give us a call!

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Our details:

Age range: 2 - 5 years

Opening hours: 8.30 - 6pm (dependent on demand)

Location: St Andrew's Church Hall, Church Road, Richmond, TW10 5HG

Katharina Haselberger,

KISH Kindergarten
Tel: 07887 990 903


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