A smart blend of British, Scandinavian and Montessori 

SMART Preschools draw on traditional British teaching methods, outdoor Scandinavian values and Montessori philsophies to create a thriving, popular preschool in our local area


Wimbledon Hill Preschool in Wimbledon is part of the  SMART Preschools group which has been developed over years of teaching and caring experience to blend traditional British teaching values with outdoor Scandinavian and Montessori philosophies. We talk to founder and mum-of-two Malin Hogstrand to find out what inspired her and the secret of Smart’s success

What is your area of expertise/business specialty?
Early Years Education, through schools, home learning programmes and Nanny agency. 

Tell us a bit about your business
The SMART  philosophy blends traditional British values with Scandinavian and Montessori teaching methods, with a heavy emphasis on outdoor learning. With us every child matters, meaning we take great care to create a learning plan that is built around each individual child’s needs and aptitudes, enthusiasms and skills; and changes as your child develops. Learning is made by discovery through games and play, both inside and outside, not just in the gardens and parks but in the local environment too, helping to improve physical health and boosts a child’s confidence as they learn about and interact with the world around them.

Children can benefit from our teachings either at one of our schools or at home, through our Home Learning Programme, which supports a parent or carer to nurture a child’s development.

Through this unique approach, we meet and exceed targets set by the Early Years National Curriculum for personal, social and academic development of children under 6 years old.

How did you get into your chosen career and why?
When I was searching for the perfect place to look after my eldest when I planned to return to work, I realised that there was a definite need for better childcare in our area. I am a Qualified Early Years Professional with teaching experience in my home country Sweden andI realised that a perfect balance of care and education could be reached through the blending of my own knowledge of the Scandinavian and Montessori teaching methods with the traditional British values that I had come to love and respect. From this I developed the unique SMART teaching philosophy and educational system. The news about my new nursery and preschool soon spread and within 6 months I was over-subscribed.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
For me it is very important to have a constant presence in the school and to get to know all the children, it makes me truly happy seeing the enjoyment that the children, their teachers and the parents receive every day and I constantly strive to create the most secure, warm, caring and stimulating environment for the children in our care.

What have been the high, and low, points of your career to date?
I have been lucky enough to have a wide variety of experiences in my career, from marketing consultant to ski instructor to preschool teacher and even fruit picker in Australia,You name it I’ve done it! The high point so far has been to see the philosophy I have dreamed of for decades actually benefiting the children in our care. The joy in their faces as they learn and discover is a very special reward for all the hard work that my team and myself have put in to get us to this point. I am excited at what the future holds, 

What makes your business stand out
From the myself to our Preschool Managers, to the teachers and cooks, our team prides itself on its dedication to each individual child in our care, building close links and warm relationships with all our parents to give each child the focus they need to reach their full potential when in our care 

Is there a secret to your success?
In general there are very rarely any secrets to reach success and in my case it would be “Hard Work and Dedication”. I am very fond of and relate to one certain quote by Benjamin Disraeli: “The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” My purpose is to offer the highest quality of early years education with happy learners for a smarter future. 

What do your clients value most about your services?
Our parent’s feedback is they highly value the individual attention we give each child, tailoring their development to suit each child’s needs. 

What are your methods for gaining new business throughout the summer months?
Our schools are open during the summer months to offer working parents the support they need throughout the year, whether in full time education, summer camps or classes. 

What has been your best business decision in the last 5 years?
My best decision was to trust my intuition and also to see a huge opportunity instead of disappointment when discovering the lack of high quality preschool education in Wimbledon. 

What can you offer clients that competitors can’t?
We offer a unique teaching philosophy and system based on a blend of the Scandinavian and Montessori teaching methods with the traditional British values. Children learn through play, either in our beautiful schools and outdoor classrooms, or at home with their parents or carers. Our role is to support the development of each individual child, offering an almost bespoke education to ensure each child leaves us as prepared as possible for their next school. 

If you would like to find out more about Malin’s philosophy at SMART Preschools why not give Wimbledon Hill Preschool  a call?

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