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Credit unions are savings and loans co-operatives where members share profits. Savings are ethically recycled for safe, affordable loans for the local community. Local Mums recommend the best Credit Unions in our area.


“I highly recommend Wandsworth Plus Credit Union to all Local Mums. I had been unlucky with a store card too. A £200 bill took what seemed like forever to clear. I also still needed the occasional bit of help with my cash flow. Since splitting up with my partner, my wages weren’t quite enough to make ends meet. A stall at a local community day helped me see that a credit union might be the answer. I signed up as a member of the Wandsworth Plus Credit Union and their staff came up with a way that could repay my borrowing and build up my savings. I arranged to have my child benefit paid directly to them. Not only did it mean I paid off the debt really quickly, but then I could start actually saving. That was new for me! I now borrows £700 twice a year. I take a loan in May to cover our summer holiday and a second one in November for Christmas. I wish I had found out about credit unions earlier.”

Local Mum, Sarah

“I highly recommend Wandsworth Plus Credit Union to all Local Mums. I think that the credit union benefits everyone, not just those that want to borrow. You can save as well. They make it all so straight forward, easy and are always so friendly. They helped me out of a sticky situation and I am sure there are others that can relate to my story that they could help too.”
Local Mum, Jo

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Wandsworth Plus Credit Union
Wandsworth Plus Credit Union is the new credit union for everyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in the borough of Wandsworth.  It is a savings and loans co-operative providing financial services such as affordable loans, ethical savings and much more to the local community.

It is run by members for the benefit of members with no external shareholders. Instead profits are shared by the members and savings are ethically recycled to provide safe and affordable loans to the local community. 

At the same time a wide range of competitive products and services are provided for you to make the most of your money

To join simply apply online at  Membership is £3.00 to join and a further £5.00 is required as a minimum balance to be maintained on your account.

Lauren Graham
Wandsworth Plus Credit Union
Tel: 020 7472 2620

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