Weezy makes grocery shopping easy

New local on-demand supermarket Weezy delivers within 15 minutes and is great for mums and families.

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New local grocery delivery service Weezy is the first on-demand supermarket in the UK. "We believe you should spend less time shopping and more time living,” says Weezy’s Jim Burke. "We’ve got an amazing range of quality groceries for you to choose from, locally-sourced and sustainably delivered in an instant.”

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"Our local stores have everything you need,” explains Jim. "From fresh fruit and veg, to local meat and dairy. Your favourite sweets and snacks, to a tipple (or two) of your choice. With 2,000 products to choose from, expertly curated and delivered in an instant.”

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"We believe that the best customer service starts from within,” adds Jim. "Our team of riders are much more than just riders. They love to get to know you and we make sure that they’re a friendly face you can open the door to… even in your pyjamas!”

Local Mums Discount
Use the promo code MUMS50 to get 50% off your first Weezy order. 
£25 Maximum value. Valid until 25/4/21

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Jim Burke
Tel: 07742 267 833
Email: hello@weezy.co.uk

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