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Good quality help with how to care for new-borns and babies is vital for new mums. Here local mums give their recommendations.


“I would highly recommend BabyCalm to all Local Mums. Samuel and I have really enjoyed the BabyCalm classes over the last few weeks and I feel it has made a real difference to us both - we're much more calm and happier and colic-free."

Kerry, Local Mum of Samuel,12 weeks.

"I really recommend BabyCalm classes to Local Mums. My first class was absolutely invaluable - I'm pleased to report my baby stayed calm all afternoon, no more colic! And we got 6 hours straight sleep for the first time ever, I couldn't believe it!" 
Becky, Local Mum of Jessica, 4 weeks.


BabyCalm is a unique concept, presented through classes and literature, which aims to empower new parents to raise their baby with confidence. BabyCalm helps new parents understand how to calm their baby's crying, avoid colic and aid restful sleep. Turning crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents.

There is a vast amount of pregnancy and birth support available in the UK, but a real lack of support available to new parents with very young babies.  Many new parents are left to muddle through the trickiest time in early parenthood alone. 

The time when babies cry lots and sleep little, the time of colic and tears (and not just the baby's!), the time where most new mums are frantically searching prescriptive books written by childless so called experts for the answer to their tiring and distressing days and nights. 

Most of these books focus on prescriptive routines and products to aid separation of mother and baby, despite having little or no scientific evidence to back up their claims. Sometimes the advice given even goes against current guidelines (including FSIDs, WHO and UNICEF) and can pose a real physiological harm to the baby, not to mention the psychological impact upon the mother and the inner turmoil she feels when the advice goes against her maternal instincts.

BabyCalm feel these books and parenting experts disempower new parents who feel they lack the natural empathy and understanding of the author, feeling the need to look to others to advise them on how to care for their own baby, when in fact our best experts are our own instincts! 

BabyCalm strive to help parents to not only calm and understand their babies, but to help them to trust their instincts and confidently make their own parenting decisions without relying on somebody else's routines or manuals. BabyCalm present the evidence in an easy to understand way, honestly discuss the pros and cons of different approaches so that parents can feel secure in their own informed choices and have their instincts validated.

BabyCalm Offer 3 different Course formats, all reasonably priced, starting from only £35 for a group workshop:

1)    The Colic and Crying Workshop – an emergency 3hr workshop that can be taken from birth to 12 weeks with the sole aim of helping parents to calm their baby.

2)    The Antenatal Workshop – a 3hr workshop, taken during pregnancy to prepare parents to be to welcome their baby in a calm and confident way.

3)    The 4 weeks BabyCalm course – An 8hr course, just for mums and babies, designed to soothe babies and fill new mums with confidence.

About BabyCalm

BabyCalm was founded 2007 by Psychologist, Antenatal Teacher, Doula and mother of four Sarah Ockwell-Smith. In February 2011 BabyCalm was launched as a limited company and Sarah was joined by Charlotte Phillips, a mother of one, as Co-Director. 

Sarah and Charlotte immediately made the decision to train teachers all over the UK in response to phenomenal demand for BabyCalm’s services all over the UK, both from parents and from professionals such as Midwives, Health Visitors and SureStart Centre Managers.

In eight short months BabyCalm already has a network of fifty licensed teachers, UK wide, with plans to expand to Mainland Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand in 2012. Over the next 12 months BabyCalm will have helped 21,600 new parents all over the UK to enjoy life with their new baby.

BabyCalm Awards

July 2011 – BabyCalm awarded Runner up Barclay’s Best New Business Awards
August 2011 – Sarah awarded Three/OK! Magazine Britain’s Busiest Mum Award

What Celebrities are Saying About BabyCalm:

Kate Thornton - TV Presenter “Where were you when I had my baby? I needed you!”

Nicola Stephenson – Actress “Fantastic, just what so many new parents need”

Pinky McKay – International Parenting Author “I LOVE what you are saying – what a voice of reason among the baby trainers.”

For more information about BabyCalm classes in your area and to book, contact:
Kirsty Nelson
Tel: 07917192274

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