Baby massage

Local Mums recommend the best baby massage classes in our area

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"I highly recommend baby massage with Yoga With ShelleyShelley is a great teacher, my baby loves the classes and it’s a lovely way to meet other Local Mums.” 
Katy, Local Mum

"I recommend baby massage with Yoga With ShelleyI was initially nervous about massaging my baby but enjoyed it and by the end of the course was a lot more confident. Shelley was very patient and understanding."
Jon, Local Dad


Baby massage courses starting in January
Baby massage is a gentle and nurturing way to bond with your baby. 

Along with the emotional enrichment, the physical benefits range from helping to alleviate trapped wind, constipation and colic whilst promoting relaxation and improving quality of sleep. 

Join us on a four week course to learn these ancient and research proven techniques to soothe and calm baby and mum. 

Each class lasts one hour with time for mums to connect afterwards. 

Courses start Friday 10th January at the United Reform Church in Wallington. 

For further details or to book visit

Shelley Scammell
Tel: 07809 730501 

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