Much more than strictly ballroom at The Dance Lab

The Dance Lab is a fantastic new dance school where children can experience the joys of ballroom dancing alongside many other types of dance.


The Dance Lab is a new dance studio in London offering a wide range of classes and lessons. Boasting one of the largest dance spaces in the capital with a luxurious wooden dance floor, The Dance Lab aims to meet the needs of all ballroom dancers and has some great classes for children.

Although the focus at The Dance Lab is on ballroom and latin, The Dance Lab also offers other dance classes like ballet to enhance ballroom skills or simply allow pupils to enjoy a different form of dance or exercise. 

"We are passionate about ballroom dancing and we are dedicated to offering the best possible service," explains owner Natasha, who runs The Dance Lab  with co-owners Stefano and Damiano. "We have fantastic facilities, great music, experienced teachers and a variety of classes and special events. We pride ourselves on listening to our pupils and producing the most efficient and effective system in accessing the services offered at our studio." 

International champions
Natasha and her partner Stefano are two of the World’s top ballroom professionals. They have been dancing together since June 2011 and have performed in shows and danced in competitions all over the World as well as being 
established teachers in England and Asia with over 30 years teaching experience between them. 

Natasha has also been the head coach for the Imperial College University Dancesport Team for the last five years, leading them to great success at National level competitions. "As current competitors, we are constantly improving and updating our skills, which is appreciated by students of any level," says Natasha. 

Co-owner Damiano is also a hugely successful international dancer and was twice Italian Amateur Ballroom finalist in hs native Italy. Since moving to London in 2011 he has represented England achieving a ranking in the top 12 in the country. In June 2012 Damiano started a new partnership with dancer Pauline Van Valkengoed representing The Netherlands on the competitive circuit where they have achieved the status of Dutch National Champions.

Rosa Filippello (who teaches the children's classes) and her partner Arkady Bakenov are one of the top Amateur latin couples in the world. The current undefeated Australian champions have danced together for seven years. They dedicate their lives to dance and some of their highlights include winning the WDC Asia-Pacific Championship, 7th at the WDC World Championships and 8th at the 2013 Blackpool Dance Festival. 

"We love sharing our experience and skills with students of all levels to help them reach their potential," Natasha adds. "We believe dancing must be enjoyed regardless of the level." 

So if you would like your child to sample the delights of ballroom dancing and be taught by the very best teachers at a great local school, why not give Natasha a call?   

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Natasha Manderson
The Dance Lab
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