Losing the Mummy Tummy

Our mummy tummies should be worn with pride, they mark us out as mummies! But there comes a point after having a baby where you just want your old shape back. Post-natal exercise guru and mummy tummy specialist Wendy Powell has some tips that work.


We have lots of lovely names for it: mummy tummy, muffin top, love handles... but the common ground is most of us would quite like to be rid of it. All mums occasionally (or often!) struggle to find the time, the motivation, the inclination or the head space to stay fit and healthy and lose her baby belly. I’ve done it myself and I’ve worked with hundreds of women over a decade to help them do it too…

  1. You need to repair, find and strengthen your underlying abdominal muscles (close a diastasis recti gap or abdominal separation)
  2. You need to repair, find and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  3. You need to re-balance your posture, as well as understand what happened ‘in there’ and ‘down there’ in order to correct it
  4. You need to lose the fat that sits on top – by exercising very, very effectively whilst eating the right food

A bit daunting really isn’t it? What, no magic pill, crash diet or miracle cure? Just eating the right stuff and doing the right exercise? In fact quite hard exercise…quite often? Boring.

I’m ever so sorry but that’s what works. I promise it really, really does work. You’re not an exception to the rule. You are without doubt very special, but you’re HIGHLY unlikely to be a special case. Do all the right stuff, consistently…and your body and your mojo will get to where you want it.

And when you get used to working out, eating well (by the way you can love food and eat very, very well!) and starting to understand and listen to and respect your own body…it feels rather good. You may actually find yourself wanting to carry on

A woman who has had babies (however long ago she had them) does not have the same body as a woman or man that hasn’t. That having-a-baby-thing is, in my humble opinion, a rather big deal which makes us very clever and very, very special.

Mother Nature makes it all happen, but if we want those tummies to lie flat and lean and strong afterwards, we need someone who understands what changed, and how to put it back together again.

Hence the MuTu System. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want your Mojo back for good, then this works. 

This is my baby (forgive the pun), and fixing mummies’ tummies is all I do, so if you have any questions at all, then please don’t struggle, just ask!

This article was first published on www.carshaltonmums.com

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