Better travel links and reduced fares says Council

Sutton Council has laid out transport demands to Boris Johnson

Sutton Council Leader Ruth Dombey has written to Boris Johnson to demand eight improvements to Sutton’s transport network.

Trams top her list of demands which also includes a package of fare cuts, safety measures for cyclists and better bus services.

Ruth said: “Mr Johnson promised that Sutton would get the Tramlink extension during his election campaign - so I wanted to remind him of his pledge to our borough.”

The letter explains that Sutton and Merton councils have already agreed possible routes for extending the Croydon Tramlink to Sutton adding that the borough hopes ‘funding can be secured during your new term’.

The Leader’s letter comes after Mr Johnson repeated his tram promise during Mayor’s Question Time on May 30, saying that the project will be on Transport for London’s work programme.

On railways Cllr Dombey makes three demands, calling for the extension of the London Overground network to create an outer-orbital loop, a reversal of the decision to terminate the Thameslink loop line in 2018 and making the case for better entrances at Sutton station.

Charles Martin, chair of Sutton Rail Users Forum, supported the demand saying: “The station needs to see the opening of the side entrance and also another at the far end of the platform.”

Ruth also champions cash-strapped residents by demanding that the Mayor brings back the cheaper zones 2-6 one-day travelcard, abolishes the evening peak period on national rail Oyster fares and brings in a one-hour bus ticket for travellers who need to use two buses on one journey.

The Leader said: “In these tough times it’s absolutely vital that Sutton’s residents get a fair deal on fares.”

Roads, buses and cyclists are not forgotten with the Mayor being asked to boost the X26 and 154 routes and improve access to Westcroft Leisure Centre alongside continued efforts to bring about traffic smoothing on the borough’s roads.

Cllr Dombey also tells the Mayor that the borough is developing a plan for an outer-orbital cycle superhighway in South

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