Fresh local produce and friendly service from Kent Veg Box

Veg boxes are a great way to feed your family fresh, healthy, local produce while supporting local businesses. With delivery to your door, who needs to give cash to big supermarkets?


Steve and Becca have been running the 
Kent Veg Box scheme and helping local families eat better and cheaper since 2005. 

"It has been hardwork, especially in the recession, but we are now looking forward to helping families eat better, more cheaply" says Steve, whose locally-sourced veg box service includes fabulous, fresh, tasty fruit and veg as well as fresh bread, eggs, meat and fish.

Local produce
"All of our veg comes from suppliers in Kent," explains Steve. "We use small market gardeners and producers; just the sort of people you will see at a Farmer's Market. Some of our suppliers are organic and none of our producers use expensive chemicals on their crops. We have to be honest and say that you may well find the odd little traveller in your veg or signs of something having the odd bite. This just proves the veg is not grown in chemically sterilised land."

Kent Veg Box's fruit comes fromm Kent wherever possible, but comes from organic suppliers if not. "As you know fruit does not grow all year in Kent - oh for orange groves - so we have to supplement it with citrus fruit etc during the months of absence," says Steve.

All Kent Veg Box's meat meat comes from Kent and is free range. It is all butchered on site and the farms use a small local abbatoir. "The beef is hung for three weeks before butchering so it is a tender as it comes," adds Steve. "The animals are outdoor as much as possible. The farms do not use spectrum anti-biotics at all."

The fish is all fresh and comes direct off small boats operating from Hastings, Dungeness or Rye and is delivered fresh, never frozen.

Simple subscription
"Our service is very simple," explains Steve. "It's just like a magazine subscription. When you subscribe to our scheme you order the size of box that suits you. We collate all this and talk to the various farms about what crops are available.

"We then decide what is going into the box that week and order the veg in bulk from the farms. We pick it all up on Tuesday and pack it over night into your boxes. These are then delivered on Weds/Thurs/Fri. We publish what is in each box on our website on Monday." 

"At the beginning of each month we charge your credit/debit card (held securely) with the cost of deliveries in that month, making allowance for any holidays etc we know about. If your order changes during the month the appropriate credit/debit is put onto your account and is factored in on the next charging day."

Kent Veg Box is currently offering Local Mums a massive 75% discount on their first order! So if you would like to try a Kent Veg Box for yourself book your veg box here.

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Steve or Becca
Kent Veg Box
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