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“I highly recommend Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd to Local Mums. Kathryn’s reports are always excellent and the management info always looks great!”
Jo, Local Mum

"I highly recommend Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd to Local Mums. Kathryn has totally transformed our accounting, billing and financial reporting systems taking us from a spreadsheets based system to 100% cloud accounting. We have found her to be rigorous and organised with a forensic eye for detail.”
Michael, Local accountant

"I recommend Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd to Local Mums. Things have gone well now that a very good job has been done on the bookkeeping. None of my clients have a bookkeeper as good as  Long White Cloud!
Steve, Local business owner


Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd

Your Finance Team for VAT Registered Companies - From Overwhelmed to Peace of Mind

Sometimes you need a financial partner to enable you to grasp life and to take that next step forward. Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd (LWC) has got you covered.

Our role is to set you up to win with the right financial processes and systems so you can navigate your way to being the best you can be.  We want you to take that journey of discovery into your business future.  After all, time is precious.

Let us work with you to organise your finances, sort out your digital files, cover your monthly accounts and tackle the end of year.  With us you’ll know exactly where you are with your accounts, so you have the bandwidth to plan for your future.

Kathryn Vincent Nov22

When you’re an achiever you want to focus on the BIG, life changing stuff rather than agonising over the messy detail which is exactly where LWC comes in. 

LWC was founded by Kathryn Vincent in 2021 with a mission to get the most out of life, whether personally or professionally. 

The name Long White Cloud comes from Kathryn’s New Zealand background.  It was the name given to the North Island of New Zealand when the Maori navigators first saw signs of land.

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Kathryn Vincent
Long White Cloud Accounting Ltd
Tel: 0208 1444 668

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