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New specialised kettlebell and fitness studio Flux Fluid Motion is a great way to get fit and master the kettlebell in a friendlly, welcoming environment 

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Flux Fluid Motion is a new specialised kettlebell and fitness studio in Putney with classes for every level of fitness and experience from beginners/introduction workshops to sports-specific training workshops and certifications. 

"Most of the people who walk through our doors have never picked up a kettlebell before," explains Director Justine Pietersen. "So we love to teach beginners and challenge the more experienced."

FLUX offers 50-minute small group classes and every class is unique which means you will never repeat the same class twice. "We combine body weight, kettlebell and high intensity cardio training elements," says Justine. "In short, a FULL body work out!"

The benefits of kettlebell training are well-known and include: improving your core strength; burning body fat; increasing muscle mass and working muscles you didn't know existed. "Your core is constantly engaged," says Justine. "Which is why this is such an effective form of exercise."

Personal sessions
Flux Fluid Motion has level 3 personal trainers who can take a more personal session with you. "We train in a friendly, welcoming environment where we all share the same goal: To master the kettlebell!" adds Justine.

Flux Fluid Motion currently have a great special offer for Local Mums: To receive a 15% discount please use discount code “FLUXMUM” on checkout.

So if you would like to get fit in a friendly environment where they can help you can reach your full fitness potential, why not give Justine a call?

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Flux Fluid Motion
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