The many benefits of yoga for mothers and babies are well-documented. Local Mums recommend the best yoga classes for mums and babies in our area.

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"I highly recommend
YogaBellies to all Local Mums. I thoroughly enjoyed attending prenatal yoga while pregnant with my first baby, using the breathing techniques and postures practiced in the classes I was able to have a wonderful water birth on just gas and air. Without the classes I would not have felt as strong, focused, calm and able to cope. Having never done yoga before I was anxious to start, however I immediately felt welcomed and at ease in the friendly atmosphere that Bobbie, the instructor had created. It was a great opportunity to meet other ladies at all stages of pregnancy. The classes really helped me to connect and bond with my unborn baby which I was struggling to do before and have inspired me to continue yoga practice beyond pregnancy, I look forward to attending Mum & Baby Yoga soon!"
Sophie, Local Mum

"I recommend YogaBellies to Local Mums. I chose to go to YogaBellies as I was experiencing a very difficult pregnancy and I just wanted to do something that might help me to relax and actually enjoy my pregnancy. The classes really helped me learn relaxation techniques and showed me how breathing could make such a difference. I used these techniques during the emergency c-section that I had to have and they really helped. I really looked forward to the classes each week."
Sarah, Local Mum


YogaBellies offer authentic classes, therapies and workshops for women and children at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for post-partum mum and baby and now also, yoga for children. They offer yoga for women from mentruation to post menopausa and even have a revolutionary new Birth Preparation course called Birth ROCKS - a tailor made course for mums and their birth partners. YogaBellies offer private 1-2-1 and group sessions.

YogaBellies® sessions incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques which create a unique experience for their clients. Sessions may incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); self-hypnosis and deep relaxation; unique YogaBellies® touch therapies using their gorgeous own brand products for mother and baby or beautiful songs, games and positive life building experiences for infants and children.

YogaBellies® classes are entirely unique and the class formula means that 86% of class attendees have never set foot in a yoga class before. They make sure classes are non-scary, non-threatening, welcoming and open to all levels of practitioner. They believe that yoga should accessible to everyone.

YogaBellies teachers are able to tailor a complete holistic programme for any womans specific needs from menstruation, through conception, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. In fact, they offer classes for mother and child right up to the age of twelve and also offer YogaBELLES classes which were created just for women. The classes which include lunar flow, chakra balancing, yin and yang practices focus on women's health and wellbeing and natural cycles right up until post menopausal. 

Bobbie Challenger
Tel: 07894 561964

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