Free film, festival and theatre tickets for Local Mums

Everything is opening up now and ShowFilmFirst, a private members club that is free to join, is offering us tickets to Festivals, Theatre, Films and so much more in our local area

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How do you fancy free tickets to the Cinema, Festivals and Theatre for you and your family?

ShowFilmFirst are trusted with complimentary tickets for films, festivals and theatre shows which they share with our members when they sign up to their free to join club.

Started in 2005 as a ticketing mechanic, ShowFilmFirst became synonymous with generating positive word of mouth to support a films opening in cinemas.  Generating positive vibes for films that could have gone unnoticed and many successful films have credited word of mouth created by previews as a key factor in the films exceeding box office predictions.   

Recommendation is the biggest reason for choosing what film to watch.

It's not just films that benefit from positive vibes
There are so many reasons that venues and promoters need an audience that can’t be achieved through ticket sales.   This is where companies like Showfilmfirst are one of the entertainment industry’s best kept secrets.

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From audience recruitment for films SFF have diversified into seat filling at venues and events around the UK.

Starting with occasional filling for premieres, then creating an audience for comedians practicing their Edinburgh routines, the SFF Repertoire expanded to include music launches, press nights and read throughs.

Over the last few years SFF members have had complimentary tickets to film, theatre, concerts, gigs, dance, ballet, festivals, and much more.  We only contact you when we have something to offer – you have nothing to loose but your FOMO!

SFF: Entertainment Industry Best Kept Secret
ShowFilmFirst are trusted with complimentary tickets for a specified audience which are shared with their members.  The producers get a full auditorium and therefore a better experience for the paying patrons (and talent), while the seat filler is able to see an event for a small service charge.  This is also referred to as papering the house.    

This benefits the organisers too, which is why they offer the tickets, hoping for increased awareness. 

Click here to sign up to ShowFilmFirst


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