Free Hartbeeps trials for new Local Mums in our area

Hugely popular Hartbeeps classes - creating fun, educational and multi-sensory experiences for babies, toddlers and preschoolers - is offering free trials for new clients in our local area.

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Hugely popular baby class Hartbeeps is the baby class with everything, so why not sign up to a FREE trial and find out why they are chosen by over 30,000 parents every week as their baby class of choice. During your baby's first year their incredible brain is forming millions of connections every second initiated by every experience they have, so explore your baby’s cosmic world in these magical classes.

Suitable from eight weeks (younger babies welcome) Hartbeeps takes you on an enchanting musical journey every week as you tune into your baby and learn about their special love languages. Discover how babies’ primitive reflexes impact their first months and how they learn and develop through interactions with the world around them using their amazing senses. Plus meet and make connections with other parents of young babies forging friendships for life. 

Local Mum Laura
Laura Stevens tried various baby classes but couldn't find anything that inspired as much as Hartbeeps, the award-winning classes described as "the most original musical baby, toddler and pre-school classes on the planet."

"I’m really excited to now be bringing the magical world of Hartbeeps to Worcester Park, Stoneleigh, New Malden, Epsom and Ewell," says Laura, who will be running Hartbeeps classes in her local area.  "As a new mum, I tried different baby classes but none have been quite as inspiring and wonderful as Hartbeeps.

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Developmental programmes

Hartbeeps creates developmental programmes for babies and young children using the medium of specially created play, music and song; much like an interactive musical for very young ones. 

Research has shown that babies and young children (under five years of age) develop at a rapid rate, with many studies stating that the first three years of a child’s life are the all-important formative years, where they will lay down the foundations for their future.

"Babies and young children need activities and play to engage their senses," adds Laura. "Activities that engage the senses help develop cognitive thinking skills and promote active learning that is fun, encourages bonding and stimulates growth and development.”

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"Hartbeeps has always worked using the medium of multi-sensory stimulation," says Laura. "By creating a backdrop of contemporary and high-quality music and sounds to emote along with unusual and playful props, creative movement and puppetry to generate a theatre for young sensory explorers."

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"The Reggio Emilia Approach (one of the philosophies Hartbeeps takes inspiration from) suggests that children should have opportunities to explore via sensory experiences and should be able to express themselves in many ways," explains Laura. "Building on this theory Hartbeeps creates mini wonderlands for every class using practical, yet unusual props to support themes, stories and characters. Babies, toddlers, children and adults are transported to a creative, beautiful environment with lights, mirrors, textures and colours which they can discover throughout the class.” 

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"My daughter thrived at Hartbeeps and I know Local Mums' little ones will love it too," says Laura. "The classes are specially created to help babies grow in confidence, develop great social skills and attain their appropriate developmental milestones while still being super fun for little ones and grown-ups.” 

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So if you would like to try these fun and educational interactive classes with your little one, why not give Local Mum Laura a call or book your free taster class here?

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Laura Stevens

Tel: 07535641365

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