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Half Price Postnatal Pilates Class

​“I highly recommend Ikigai Pilates to Local Mums. I've really enjoyed Chloe's postnatal pilates sessions. Ikigai Pilates really caters to different levels of abilities - there was always an option for me at her classes. Classes are fun, dynamic and instructions are easy to follow. I also very much appreciated how Chloe would offer corrections and encouragement throughout. It was also really helpful to get Chloe's guidance on coupling our breath to every move. Couldn't recommend those classes more!”
Fiorenza R, New Local Mum

​“I recommend Ikigai Pilates to Local Mums. I’ve struggled with diastasis recti since my first pregnancy, but only realised I even had it after my second. Unfortunately as it went undetected for so long I incurred injury from returning to weightlifting at the gym too soon. Since starting Ikigai Pilates classes and other postnatal sessions though, I can feel my core getting stronger which at one point I feared may never happen. I plan to stay consistent with Pilates as I continue to build my strength, and implore other new mums to do the same!”
Shauna M, New Local Mum


Ikigai Pilates 
Join Founder Chloe Morant for a half price, introductory mat Pilates class suitable for new mamas of all abilities; bring your baby along too! Challenge yourself with a full-body, toning and conditioning workout.

BARNES, TUESDAYS - 11AM (starting from June 4th)

Class Address: Barn Elms Sports Trust, 
London Marathon Pavilion, 
Queen Elizabeth Walk, 
SW13 9SA

Local Mums Discount
Ikigai Pilates
 is offering Local Mums a half price class
First class is £6, (£12 thereafter discount on block bookings)

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Chloe Morant
Ikigai Pilates  

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