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Local Mum Lyndsey Hookway is a gentle sleep consultant offering bespoke no-cry sleep solutions for families with 0-6 year olds. The perfect solution if you are tired of feeling tired.


Sleep deprivation is cited as the number one challenge for new - and often not-so-new - parents. The effects can be far-reaching and affect every member of the family.

No wonder many desperate parents resort to books and methods by so-called 'experts' in their quest to help their babies sleep. Even though these 'experts' may recommend highly questionable techniques and may be childless themselves.

Gentle and holistic
Local Mum of two Lyndsey Hookway, who runs Little Sleepers consultancy, is a highly-trained paediatric nurse, health visitor, IBCLC lactation consultant and qualified sleep consultant who provides gentle and holistic family-centred sleep solutions for 0-6 year olds.

"I never use cry-it-out/controlled crying 'sleep training' techniques," explains Lyndsey. "I work with parents to figure out and address the root cause of their sleep situation from all angles! We will cover parenting, attachment, health, diet, child development and psychology, as well as habits and behaviours."

Practical and affordable
Whether you have a newborn or a five year old, a bed-refuser, cat-napper, or your baby is up every hour all night long, Lyndsey has gentle, practical, creative and affordable ideas to get everyone sleeping better.

Lyndsey also offers a group consult option at just £30 per person. "Group sessions are really fun and informative; it's brilliant for mums as you have a ready-made support network to chat about it with afterwards," says Lyndsey. "The group sessions are great for NCT-type groups. I can come to one of your houses or somewhere you choose and we will cover loads! I refund the total cost of the group option if you later decide you want to upgrade to an individual consult too, so there is nothing to lose."

So if you are tired of feeling tired or worn out with friends advising you to leave your little one to cry, why not give Lyndsey a call for a friendly chat?

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