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​“I highly recommend Upbeat Music Courses to Local Mums. We were amazed at what Upbeat produced after a day and a half of the Christmas course – incredible! I couldn’t believe my eyes that my daughter Anastasia was singing so happily in the front row.  It was a huge personal step forward for her.”
Emma, Local Mum

​"I recommend Upbeat Music Courses to Local Mums. Wow – what a concert! The hall was literally rocking. Max, Kate and Steve are such an inspiration to all the kids and what they get out of them is truly amazing. I had tears in my eyes when they sang the finale.”
Fiona, Local Mum

​I highly recommend Upbeat Music Courses to Local Mums. My children have been going to Upbeat for years, and still they can’t get out the door quick enough in the mornings to get there! Max and co inspire them to perform with confidence and the end of course performance is a must for parents. Loved every minute!”
Jason Donovan, Local Dad, Musician/Actor

​"I recommend Upbeat Music Courses to Local Mums. We were all amazed by Erica’s performance at the end of year concert and it’s all down to Upbeat's amazing team. We never thought we would see the day she would sing on her own in front of so many people!”
Phillipa, Local Mum


Upbeat Music Courses
We are a Pop & Rock school, Established in 2001, specialising in high quality music education for children from 4 - 16 years, with a fantastic early years programme (Popkids) to start developing key musical skills.

We offer children an opportunity to experience a wide range of musical activities in a relaxed and fun way. Upbeat welcomes children of all abilities and no prior experience is necessary. We always challenge the more experienced children with technically demanding music and exciting performance opportunities. Our children develop skills and confidence on our courses and keep coming back for more!

All our groups feature singing, dance, bands, recording and live performance with gigs at The Half Moon Putney for our bands.

Popkids singers


Popkids Junior (5 – 7yrs)
Popkids is all about having fun while you’re making music! Popkids Junior offers children from 5 – 7 the opportunity to sing, dance, record  and perform in a variety of concerts. Sessions incorporate rhythm work and games with our resident drummer and electric guitarist! The children progress from Popkids Junior to Popkids Senior.

Popkids Senior (7 – 8yrs)
As a member of Popkids Senior, the children have their first taste of playing guitars and drums as well as continuing to sing, dance, record  and perform. We also start writing our own original songs and performing them as a band! They are then ready to make the transition to Band Session.

Saturdays 10.00 – 11.00 (Popkids Junior: Yr R – 2)
Saturdays 10.00 – 11.30 (Popkids Senior: Yr 3)

Sulivan School, Peterborough Rd,  Parsons Green 

Silver 2 (7) copy

Band Sessions (8 – 16yrs)
A high energy, multi-activity music session where children develop their vocal, dance and performance skills.  Experience singing and harmonising as part of a group or developing your microphone technique for solo singing!  Children are also given the opportunity to learn how to play guitars and drums as part of a band and engage in songwriting and recording activities. SO much fun! No prior experience needed. 

Saturdays 11.30 – 1.15

Sulivan School, Peterborough Rd,  Parsons Green

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Band Sessions Plus (10 – 18yrs) 
Join one of our Upbeat bands, Bronze, Silver or Gold, and experience all the fun of playing and performing as a member of a band

Intensive band workshops, focusing on electric guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals and songwriting. Members of BS+ experience the excitement of performing as part of a band each term and recording their own tracks. We encourage all our members to sing and develop skills on all of the band instruments, and we are always happy to incorporate other instruments and new ideas into our work with the bands! Children work through Bronze, Silver and on to Gold; some prior instrumental knowledge is essential. Each term ends on stage at one of our Upbeat gigs, including our very own Battle Of The Bands, Upbeat Live at The Half Moon and Upbeat Rocks at Imperial College. Each term consists of 10 sessions.

Saturdays 10.45 – 1.15 (Bronze/ Band Sessions)
Saturdays 11.30 – 3.00 (Silver/ Gold)
Sulivan School, Peterborough Rd, Parsons Green

Local Mums Discount
Upbeat Music Courses is offering Local Mums a FREE trial on January 13th.

For more information and to book, please contact:
Max Owens
Upbeat Music Courses
Tel: 07816901396
instagram ‘upbeatlondon’


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