Learning in a healthy way with Active Learning

Active Learning is a unique nursery offering premium day care where children learn and develop through an empahsis on health and sport


Active Learning is a small group of unique day care nurseries based around London and the South East where an emphasis on health, sport and vitality is at the heart of the curriculum.

The name for Active Learning was no accident. The founders feel passionately that sport and exercise should be at the heart of every child's education from the earliest start. 

"At Active Learning we believe that a healthy child is a happy child and one who has the ability to progress not just physically but in every area of their lives," says Cara Munnery who runs the Active Learning nursery in Kingston. "We are active in every part of our daily school life."

Building confidence and social skills
It is well known that children learn best when they are having fun and are confident in their environment and with their peers and this is what the staff at Active Learning strive to achieve. 
"Our children can do anything," explains Cara. "They have outlets for boundless energy and the chance to develop a life-long love of learning from a very early age. It's a place of fun where each day is different. "

Active Learning aims to promote children's all-round development and introduce them to a broad, exciting programme of learning through some of the most recognized forms of interactive teaching. The nursery aims to achieve this through an innovative studio programme which focuses on art, music, performing arts, language, literacy, science, IT and sports. 

"With our dedicated team of specialist teachers in the studios as well as all our wonderful nursery mentors, children are nurtured and looked after as unique individuals, ensuring that we bring out the best in each and every child," adds Cara.

"We work with children to build the confidence and social skills necessary to stand on stage in front of and alongside their peers to speak aloud, sing and dance," explains Cara. "This helps to create essential new language skills and above all self-belief, which is fundamental to success in literacy and new knowledge acquisition in every subject later on."

So if you would like a healthy, active and fun environment which allows your child to learn and grow to their fullest potential, why not give Cara a call and arrange to see Active Learning for yourself?

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Cara Munnery
Active Learning
Tel: 020 3031 4700 
Email: Cara.Munnery@activelearningchildcare.co.uk


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