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“I highly recommend SPD Tuition And Coaching to Local Mums. To say Samantha has had an impact on both my daughter's confidence and development is an understatement, she has also given my daughter some specific confidence coaching which has not only helped my daughter deal with difficult situations but proved a huge benefit to me too. She also trusts Samantha implicitly and looks forward to the sessions every week; she is completely engaged and it is fantastic to see. As parents we will always strive to do our best for our children and I can say with absolute certainty that finding SPD Tuition has proved a blessing and one I am so thankful for. This whole process has taught me so much, but more importantly my daughter is much happier and engaged with her learning which can only bode well for the future.”
Tracy Catley, Local Mum

“I recommend SPD Tuition And Coaching to Local Mums. I was impressed by how quickly my child’s needs and difficulties with reading were identified. The advice I was given helped me understand how I could best help him and reduce the frustration we both felt around  homework. I am very grateful for those insights!”
Dr Anna Magnusson, Local Mum

“I highly recommend SPD Tuition And Coaching to Local Mums. Our SPD Tutor has been and is continuing to be, a truly amazing, kind and very encouraging tutor. Her attention to detail is fantastic and she has a great understanding of my child’s academic needs together with his emotional requirements. She has a lot of patience. She has given my child the confidence and reassurance he needed to do his best.”
Carly, Local Mum

“I recommend SPD Tuition And Coaching to Local Mums. Sam is an exceptional consultant and coach. Her ability to listen and pinpoint barriers to success is impressive. She motivates people to action plan their own journey and to achieve their success.”
Jane Robinson, Local Mum and Head Teacher 

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SPD Tuition And Coaching
SPD Tuition And Coaching help families, schools, and children to create positive mental well-being cultures so that they can build confidence, resilience, and self-esteem and achieve their full potential and get the results they want in their lives. 

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SPD Tutors and Coaches are fully certified, teachers and ILM qualified coaches.

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Samantha Dholakia
Founder, Coach, Consultant, Trainer
SPD Tuition And Coaching
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