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“When I first heard about the benefits of 
Lyoness, it did not take me long to make a decision. I registered straight away and started to shop at the huge range of Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. – And let me tell you, it really paid off! Soon after that I got my first Cashback amount paid into my personal account and I could save even more money with the Shopping Points. Money back with every purchase really works!” 
Rebecca Meyers


Lyoness is an international shopping community that is active across all business sectors and offers its customers free and non-binding shopping benefits. Lyoness also offers Merchants in the retail and service sector a customer loyalty programme. The members of the shopping community receive shopping benefits such as “Cashback" and “Shopping points" with each purchase at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants which they can use for other purchases or to receive favorable discounts. 

Lyoness membership won't cost you a penny so it involves no risks. You will not be obliged to shop with Lyoness, but when you have the chance to benefit from shopping at over 250,000 Cashback Points at over 40,000 Loyalty Merchants spread across over 40 different countries, why wouldn't you?

How you can shop with Lyoness:

Cashback Card
Either show the plastic Cashback Card or the digital Cashback Card on your Smartphone before paying at the checkout and the purchase will be registered into the Lyoness Loyalty Programme. This means, you will receive up to 5% of your purchase amount as Cashback in your bank account, and you will also receive the valuable Shopping Points. You can redeem the Shopping Points in the Lyoness Loyalty Mall for products at sensational discount prices as well as for numerous Shopping Point Deals at our Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, saving you money. Just one card with "Money back" and Shopping Points rather than dozens of different customer cards: global and multi-sector!

As a Lyoness Member you can benefit at any time, as you receive money back and Shopping Points with every purchase. Money back and save money - that's how to get double the benefit! The Lyoness Cashback will be transferred to your bank account in cash, and with the Shopping Points you can purchase numerous products at severely reduced prices in our Loyalty Mall or benefit from our Lyoness Loyalty Merchants' Shopping Point Deals. In addition to this - if you wish to recommend the benefits to others - Lyconet offers you even more opportunities to benefit. Would you like to learn more about it?

Julie Olapeju,
Tel: 07464219794


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