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Local Mums recommend the best reflexology classes in our area

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"I highly recommend The Children’s Reflexology Programme to all Local Mums. I started the six week children’s reflexology programme when my son, Noah, was six months old. We enjoyed being part of a small class with children of similar ages. Sarah, our instructor, was extremely knowledgeable and able to teach us different techniques in an enjoyable, friendly and informative manner. We loved the course book ‘The Mouse’s House’ and still enjoy looking through it. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for alternative ways to treat all those baby ailments including teething, pre and post immunisations, coughs and colds and digestive issues.”
Catherine, Local Mum

"Really enjoyed The Children’s Reflexology Programme course. Lots of fun and information.”
Joan, Local Mum

"I enjoyed The Children’s Reflexology Programme  course very much. Sarah was brilliant with my baby-she loved her! I'd recommend the course. It was enjoyable & informative. We both loved it. We were looking forward to every lesson.”
Martina, Local Mum


The Children’s Reflexology Programme 
The Children's Reflexology Programme is a simple course of fun, interactive sessions, normally spread over six weeks. It empowers parents and carers to be able to offer their children a non-invasive complementary therapy at home at any time of the day or night, from someone they love and feel safe with. The course shows you how to treat specific conditions of childhood and includes a series of handouts in the form of mini booklets that can be used by a parent or carer. A carefully designed series of rhymes, pictures and stories is used to engage the child and to help you to learn and remember the reflexology. 

Reflexology is a powerful but gentle therapy which is particularly beneficial with children and can be a great help in times of distress and with common childhood illnesses such as constipation, teething, colic and so on.

Why join a six week course with the Children's Reflexology Programme?

A full resource pack and a hardback copy of 'The Mouse's House' is included in the price of your course.

Learning for life/Longevity of knowledge
You will learn skills that will last you way beyond the end of your course (think calming those GCSE & A level nerves years from now) and skills that will then transfer to your child as they grow.

Empowering parents and carers to be able to offer their child/children a non-invasive complementary therapy at home any time of the day or night from someone the child loves and feels safe with.

A social environment
The group provides a social and safe environment with like-minded people.

"As an ex-primary school teacher and a fully qualified reflexologist this programme connects my two passions of education and reflexology,” explains local instructor Sarah Wallace. "I'm so pleased to be delivering this innovative course in our local area.

"The programme is so much more than just a student/teacher dynamic. It is a time and space for you and your child. A safe and secure place to talk, question and spend time in the company of like-minded people.

"I look forward to welcoming you and your child in person!”

Newborns to pre-walker course
Monday 30th October - Monday 4th December, 2017.
All Things Nice cafe,
90 High Street,
Ewell Village

Sarah Wallace
Qualified instructor
07469 699540


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