Indian Takeaways

Fancy an indian? Local Mums give their verdicts on the best indian takeaways in the Carshalton area.


"We use Blue Bengal in Carshalton."
Mary Dunning, Local Mum

"Blue Bengal in High Street, or Noor Jahan top of Sutton are my faves."
Susan Whitfield, Local Mum 

"Blue Bengal and Saregama are both excellent."
Suzy Doyle, Local Mum

"Mumbi Tiffin in Mitcham. Really fresh and different choices from the usual. X"
Gail Errington, Local Mum

"Mohinis near the plough pub for collection or Blue Bengal for delivery xx"
Emma Joyce, Local Mum 

"For sure Saregama in Carshalton Beeches, superb for BOTH eat in and takeaway!"
Liz Coombes, Local Mum

"I can recommend Asif in Beddington."
Claire Bowdery, Local Mum

"Have rung the Blue Bengal as it seemed most popular. Will report back on how it is :) Oh, discount only available if you are eating in the restaurant. And thanks all :)"
Nicola Chapman, Local Mum

"Noor Jahan in Sutton, we order from them at least once a week for the last 6 years:-)"
Maxie Sofos, Local Mum 

"Blue Bengal was excellent. Thanks for the recommendations :)"
Nicola Chapman, Local Mum

"We just had one too! X"
Emma Joyce, Local Mum

"Watching this thread with interest - roll on next payday!"
Suzi Challenger, Local Mum

"The Everest in Wallington is great. Pretty cheap too."
Catriona Dixon, Local Mum

"Stoltz Just eat - Tonys Indian, really tasty and really fast."
Tammy Buckler, Local Mum

"I agree, Everest in Wallington or Akash. Also Sakura in Careshalton Beeches or Samsara in Cheam. On the negative Wallington curry house on Ross Parade was not a good experience."
Vinia Burrows, Local Mum

"Mango Lounge in wallington is divine, my favourite Indian around :) sag paneer is to die for yummy!"
Danyel Stead, Local Mum

"The new one next to Vines in Carshalton is good for takeaways - not greasy and filling without being too filling. We spent £40 once and got free wine too. It used to be the Japanese place."
Jo Adams, Local Mum

"What is the one next to Vines called?"
Janine Loft, Local Mum

"I recommend India in Stafford Road Wallington near the Car Wash place, we usually get a free bottle of wine with our order."
Carol Clisby, Local Mum

"I think the one next to Vines is Chilli Pepper? Does anyone know if they deliver? or is it just a takeaway/restaurant?"
Nicola Chapman, Local Mum

"The one next I Vines is Pepper Garden. Not sure of they deliver"
Danyel Stead, Local Mum

"Food is great at the Pepper Garden but be warned it is very spicy even if you ask for mild."
Inge Berrie, Local Mum

"Pepper Garden definitely deliver - we've never eaten in there."
Jo Adams, Local Mum

"Either Blue Bengal or Saregama. Saregama can take ages to deliver"
Kelly McNamara, Local Mum

"Having in laws very close to the Blue Bengal and the Saregama over the road from me, we use both regularly and they are both great but the Saregama definately beats the Blue Bengal! You have to book at weekends if you want to eat in as they are always full which speaks volumes in itself! x we had a takeaway from them on Sunday and as usual couldn't fault it! x"
Kim Pearson, Local Mum 

"I have consulted this thread many times. Must also give a thumbs up to the Westmead Halal - really good food from the cheaper end of the takeaway spectrum, good service too."
Suzi Challenger, Local Mum

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