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"I highly recommend Adventure Babies to Local Mums. My son has been going to Adventure Babies for six months now and absolutely loves it. He gets so much fun and stimulation from the stories, sensory bags and messy play activities and it has also helped to develop his love of books. I really like that this class offers the right balance of structure (sharing a book for the first half) and independent play/thinking (the messy play second half) and that, along with well-thought out themes and clear love of her work, makes for a fantastic experience that any baby and parent can enjoy together.”
Coleen Rooney, Celebrity Mum, 2017

"I recommend Adventure Babies to Local Mums. Adventure Babies provides wonderfully-thought out and stimulating adventures in a very safe, caring way. I went to one with my son and my granddaughter, Alice. So much singing, clapping, listening, quacking, paddling, playing with goo – stimulation of all the senses, great socialising and wonderful stories – and that was just the parents. The babies absolutely loved it too!”
Michaela Morgan, Mum and Children’s Author

"I highly recommend Adventure Babies to Local Mums. My daughter is nearly four months old and we have been going to Adventure Babies for a few weeks now. I think it’s fab! It offers a wealth of sensory activities but all based around a book. This gives the babies the experience of reading as well as different things to touch, see, hear and smell. It’s done in a way that’s good for mums too. A lot of thought is put into each session. I did a well-known sensory class with my older daughter and personally, I much prefer Adventure Babies! My four-month-old smiles and shows interest so I think she’s enjoying it, and I’m pretty sure my two year old would love it too!”
Victoria, Local Mum

"I recommend Adventure Babies to Local Mums. An absolutely brilliant class that my daughter loves. The classes are so creative and such a lot of effort goes into them with an incredible attention to detail!”
Rose, Local Mum

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Adventure Babies
Go on a Reading Adventure in Kingston upon Thames and Elmbridge...

Where Kingston upon Thames and Elmbridge babies and toddlers explore through fun activities that positively stimulate all of their senses.

Classes suitable for babies from birth all the way up to our pre school classes for three and four year olds.

Are you looking for amazing baby classes in Kingston upon Thames and Elmbridge?

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Hello everyone!

As a mother of two small children and a dedicated special needs teacher with 14 years of experience, I believe in the transformative power of sensory storytelling for children of all ages and abilities. My journey as a mother has deepened my understanding of the diverse needs and capabilities of young minds, while my years in special education have equipped me with the knowledge and empathy to engage and support every child in my care.

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In my career, I have witnessed how sensory storytelling can unlock the imagination and potential of children with different developmental needs. By engaging multiple senses, such as touch, smell, and sound, sensory storytelling provides a rich and immersive experience that transcends traditional forms of communication. Through tactile objects and interactive elements, stories come to life in a way that speaks to each child’s unique strengths and challenges from the tiniest baby to the most rambunctious toddler!

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I understand the joy of witnessing my own children thrive through sensory experiences, and as a teacher, I am dedicated to bringing this powerful method into my Adventure Babies classes. I am committed to creating inclusive and accessible environments where every child, regardless of their age and abilities, can experience the wonder of storytelling in a way that resonates with them personally.

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Being part of the Adventure Babies franchise has allowed me to indulge in my favorite aspect of teaching: sensory storytelling. I have found immense joy in creating immersive and engaging experiences for young children, nurturing their love for stories and learning.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you all to Adventure Babies and starting this exciting journey together!

If you are interested in our Adventure Babies baby classes in Kingston upon Thames and Elmbridge visit my Facebook page

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